Monday Night Raw 16/08/10

Here are the results for the 16/08/2010 showing of WWE Monday Night Raw :

So its the day after SummerSlam and most importantly we are all wondering what will become of The Nexus now after there defeat to Team WWE. See below for details of what happened :

The General Manager of Raw announced that every member of The Nexus will face off against the members of Team WWE in a series of matches. Any outside interference by members of Nexus will be met with serious and appropriate consequences. This to the Nexus is not punishment but instead an opportunity for redemption after what happened at SummerSlam. John Cena reminds Wade Barrett that he tapped out and the crowd start chanting ”You tapped out” repeatedly. At this point the GM posts another email, it reads, ”One last thing Nexus, they can choose which member faces each member of Team WWE, except Wade Barrett. Mr. Barrett will compete next against his former NXT mentor, Chris Jericho”.

Match 1 : Singles Match

Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

Winner : Wade Barrett

Barrett is rather impressed with himself after this win and on leaving the ring up the ramp has a smirk on his face, the rest of the Nexus backstage nod in agreement to this victory.

We next welcome The Hart Dynasty out to the ring with Natalya in lead holding the Unified Tag Team Title Belts up high. The GM posts another email, it reads, ”From this moment forward, the Unified Tag Team Titles will be known as the WWE Tag Team Championships”. To present the new title belts, WWE HOF’er, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart who comes out with two new belts that look totally different to any other belt we’ve ever seen. He gives them to David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd and the family are all smiles. They are interrupted though when Nexus appear on the big screen, Barrett says they have chosen who his opponent will be and that is Justin Gabriel. Gabriel tells Bret ”he might have experienced a lot in his career, but he’ll experience one more, his 450 splash”. Bret just looks up at the screen.

Match 2 : Singles Match

Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan

Winner : Michael Tarver

Tarver gets the pin after the Miz and his NXT rookie Alex Riley come running down the ramp towards the ring which distracts Bryan and Tarver takes the advantage for the win. Bryan after this starts to attack the Miz and the Riley before Tarver gets involved once again. The three of them then work together on Bryan which leads up to the Miz giving Bryan a Skull Crushing Finale on his brifecase. Riley tells Bryan that the Miz is a real star and a NXT wash up.

Backstage and Josh Mathews asks The Miz to explain his actions on what just happened with Daniel Bryan, Miz says ”the moment Bryan showed on NXT the WWE Universe heckled him, said Bryan was better than him and should have been his Pro. Then last night at SummerSlam every single superstar begged him to be on Team WWE, then they put him on the back burner for Bryan. Everyone thinks he’s so special, how special is he now? Want the next Breakout star, look no further”, Riley steps in and says ”Bryan never appreciated the Miz. Alex isn’t some overrated underdeveloped nerd who’s lucky to have a job in this grown man’s company. What he is, is the next winner of NXT and he owes it all to his Pro the Miz”.

In the locker room now with the Nexus who are in deep discussion, Darren Young says he has something he’d like to say, Young says ”I have decided who i want to face, John Cena”. Otunga thinks he’s crazy to go up against Cena, Young says ”last month Cena brutally attacked me, now i’m taking Cena out”. Otunga says ”tonight is about redemption and pay back for SummerSlam”. Young knows the consequences and he’s still stepping up. They all punch and slap Darren’s chest and shoulders.

Justin Gabriel is now out in the ring waiting for Bret Hart, however the GM sends another email through, it reads, ”Justin, they’re sorry, Bret Hart will not be competing against you tonight. I don’t like Bret Hart, I’ve never liked Bret Hart. I don’t want to see him compete on RAW ever again. I don’t care what anyone in the audience or watching at home thinks. I have decided to make this last minute substitution. An your new opponent is on his way to the ring right now.”

Wondering who it will be, and then music hits us… its Randy Orton, Gabriel is shaking his head at the site of Orton approaching him.

Match 3 : Singles Match

Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton

Winner : Justin Gabriel

Orton appeared to be in control of this match when he noticed Sheamus down ring side, he jumps out of the ring to attack Sheamus and he clotheslines him over the barrier and they continue to fight into the crowd. Having not realised the ref was counting down, Orton is counted out and loses the match. Having lost the match, Orton returns to the ring and comes up behind Gabriel and plants an RKO on him. He vacates the ring once again and grabs a chair and proceeds to repeatedly hit Sheamus with it. The refs are trying there best to get Orton to leave the arena, he’s almost up the ramp when he turns and runs back to Sheamus and gives him an RKO. Orton then pounds the steel steps several times, he gets up onto the steps, poses for the crowd with a smirk on his face.

Match 4 : Tag Team Match

Skip Sheffield & David Otunga vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

Winners : Skip Sheffield & David Otunga

Sheffield gets the pin on Morrison with a huge clothesline, both Otunga and Sheffield looking extremely pleased with themselves in the ring just as the rest of the Nexus are backstage.

Backstage with Josh Mathews again and he welcomes out Edge. He asks how important it was to help hand Nexus their first defeat. Edge says ”it was huge, but of course the team he led was victorious”. ┬áThe camera moves away from Josh & Edge and over to show a rather annoyed Heath Slater behind Edge. Edge tells Josh to get out of here. Slater says ”they’re scheduled to face each other tonight and maybe they can work something out”. Slater continues on by saying ”how he’s patterned himself after Edge. Same haircut, same Rock star good looks”. Edge is not sure of what to think about all of this and asks Slater what he’s getting at. Slater says ”maybe tonight Edge just doesn’t show up. Take tonight off. Another member of Nexus winning by forfeit”. Edge says ”normally he might do that, but he doesn’t want the books to show he forfeited to some Wendy-looking, ginger haired, Edge-wannabe”. Edge turns to leave but Slater nails him in the upper back with a hard forearm. Edge is left on the floor looking rather pissed.

In the ring now and there’s Heath Slater waiting for Edge, here he comes looking rather annoyed and full of anger.

Match 5 : Singles Match

Heath Slater vs Edge

Winner : Heath Slater

Edge loses this after being counted out, he was setting Slater up for the spear outside of the ring but Slater quickly gets back into the ring before the ten count is the winner of this match. Slater celebrates in the ring but unaware of where Edge is, he gets hit with a spear and Edge just looks down at Slater. He leaves the ring and heads up the ramp looking over his shoulder many times before standing at the top of the ramp and staring at Slater who is still in the ring.

Match 6 : Singles Match

Darren Young vs. John Cena

Winner : John Cena

With the rest of the Nexus Team watching on from top of the ramp, Cena gets the win after getting Young with the STF.┬áCena starts to celebrate in the ring but Nexus runs to the ring. They surround three sides of the ring but leave the ramp side free. Cena leaves the ring but watching them all very carefully. Nexus all then get into the ring, They surround Darren all staring at him in disappointment. Young gets to his feet and is telling his side of it all to Barrett with his hand on Wade’s shoulder. David Otunga is the first to attack Young though from behind. They all then start on Young, kicking him hard. They pull Darren up and Skip clotheslines Darren to the mat. Wade then picks up Darren, gets him across his shoulders and slams him to the mat. Wade picks up Darren again and over to the corner and we know whats coming next. Gabriel climbs up the post, looks around, prepares himself and hits his 450 splash. They surround Darren once again all looking at him, then start to leave the ring. However just as they are leaving, their music starts playing and they get back in and pose.

Does this mean Nexus are now 6 members or is this just simply a lesson to young for his failure?

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