Raw House Show 18/08/10

Raw House Show Results for 18/08/10 :

1 . Evan Bourne defeated Ted diBiase with Airborne

2 . Skip Sheffield & David Otunga defeated The Hart Dynasty.

Golddust came out first of all but was attacked by Otunga and Sheffield. After the attack, Otunga and Sheffield demanded a tag team title shot and out came The Hart Dynasty. On that note though the RAW General Manager interrupts and says the match will be for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship titles, but only if Otunga and Sheffield win. During the match, Sheffield injured his ankle, but finished the match and was later carried by refs to the back, the crowd cheer him on.

3 . The Miz defeated Mark Henry with a DDT.

4 . Randy Orton defeated Sheamus via Disqualification.

Sheamus pushed the ref just as Orton was about to plant an RKO on him, after the match the Miz came running out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract but Orton got him with an RKO instead.

5 . Chris Jericho defeated Yoshi Tatsu with the Codebreaker.

6 . John Cena defeated Wade Barrett with the Attitude Adjustment in a no disqualification match.

Otunga came out and interfered but missed a punch which hit Barrett instead. Randy Orton was then next out to the ring and he hit an RKO on Otunga. Something you wont see often but afterwards Orton and Cena shook hands.

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