The Nexus

Well what to think about the attack on Darren Young, read on to know more :

If im totally honest and this is in no way anything to do with what happened on Raw, I always thought Young was the odd one out in the Nexus. I couldnt see the point of him in the team. I could see more reason for Daniel Bryan but that never happened for obvious reasons. He’s not been kicked off the team and what will become of him. Lets look at the Nexus who are left individually and assess who’s got something to provide.

Wade Barrett : well not only did he win NXT Season 1 but he is obviously the clear leader of the pack and without him they would most definitely be missing something. He finisher The wasteland, has also been used quite often and been very effective of late. Superstars like Chris Jericho (his former NXT Mentor) John Cena, the Chairman Vince McMahon and even Mark Henry have been on the receiving end of this move.

David Otunga : He’s already shown everybody what he’s made off, what kind of character he is. Going back to when he Guest Hosted Monday Night Raw, he put himself in a tag team match with John Cena against Showmiz (Big Show & The Miz) for the Unified Tag Team Championship, a match Otunga would end up double crossing Cena resulting in Showmiz retaining the title. He also uses his Thrust Spinebuster, The Verdict very well which knows the wind out of any opponent.

Justin Gabriel : All i have to say about Gabriel is one thing, 450 splash! Think of Evan Bourne and ‘airbourne’, the 450 splash to me is up there with that move in the sense that its just that impressive you just wonder how they are able to do this week in week out. This also is a move that hurts themselves more than there opponent and if you dont believe me then just look at there faces after they perform it, its obvious the pain they are feeling.

Heath Slater : Looking at Slater i always said there was a Edge look to him, and funnily enough on Monday Night Raw (16/08/10) Slater even came out with it and said how he’s modelled himself on Edge. However when it comes to his wrestler skills you can see he brings his share to the table of the Nexus and the Sweetness finisher is quite moving. The Jumping Russian Legsweep is a move that Slater will use if you turn your back on him.

Skip Sheffield : You look at him and you think, okay im not stepping foot into that ring because Sheffield is built like a house and you sense alot of pain coming your way. There have been jokes made that Skip is someone who’s not much of a thicker, but thats not necessarily a bad thing because where he may lack in that area he sure enough makes up for it with his Wind-Up Clothesline that knocks you out and not many if any have gotten up from it.

Michael Tarver : Alot of people might consider Tarver a bit unusual, a bit odd because he insists on wearing the mask with his initial ‘T’ on but i think he works it well and in some ways it gets the opponent not scared i’d say but they certainly see a dark side to him i think. It makes him slightly different form the rest of the Nexus and i say let him go with it, he’s quite the fighter though and many a times he’s put his opponent down with the Tarver’s Lightning (Reverse Thrown Scoop Powerslam) which i think is quite a good move which possibly confuses the opponent in the position they are going.

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