Friday Night SmackDown 10/09/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 10/09/2010 :

To start the show off we have The Undertakers music hit the arena and instead of his slow entrance to the ring, he’s already in it ready with a mic. He says ”His brother Kane has always been a disturbed freak of nature, there was so many times I had to protect him, not just from others but from himself so I will have no regrets doing what i must do at Night of Champions. Kane attacked me like a coward, his own flesh and blood. He left me beaten, battered, and unconscious, And in doing so he’s gone and given himself a false sense of confidence. He thinks he has the tide of momentum on his side, he thinks he has the power of the darkness, well lets make no mistake about it, that power is mine and im still in control here. At Night of Champions, im going to give Kane some memories, and they wont be pleasant ones. He will always remember the night that his older wiser brother stopped his reign of terror. He will always remember his more evil dominant brother took back his World Heavyweight Championship. Now that brings me to why im here, now little brother im going to address you now, when the time comes when we finally come face to face, i know we will open the gates of hell and unleash everything that we have on one and another, and i cant wait. I cant wait for that night Kane, a fight of that magnitude, there are no rules that can contain us, there are no rules that will be able to stop us. So Kane, when we fight, and it will be a fight, at Night of Champions, it must be No Holds Barred. What do you say little brother, are you in, are you confident, lets find out”. Instead of Kane’s music thought we get CM Punk out instead who is clapping his hands as he walks out. He says ”everybody in attendance, stand up and give the legendary dead man a standing ovation. If you every considered yourself a creature of the night, if your a fan of the phenom, ladies and gentlemen bask in his glory right now, you can do a whole lot better than that, come on let me hear it. Deadman, this is your moment, and you’ve earned it. See i know and you know that after Night of Champions, none of these people will ever see the Undertaker ever again”. More claps from Punk, ”I enjoy a good sibling rivalry, and i know probably like all these people here today, ive been enjoying watching this saga of the brothers of destruction unfold and nothing brings a smile to my face more like watching you on your own personal downward spiral. I look at you now and you know me i gotta be honest, i dont see anything phenomenal whatsoever, what i see is a beat up broken down man who’s had one to many fights, i see a man who for the first time has beaten more than he can chew, somebody who’s way more disillusional than these worthless drunken people sitting here in the audience. What i see when i look at you”, The Undertaker steps in though and says ”What i see when i look at you Punk is my next victim”. Punk laughs at this as the crowd love the response given by the deadman, Punk replies with ”no no no no no i dont think so Undertaker, chilling threats like the one you just made there, they just dont have the same pinarsh they used to do they, no because for the first time, the first time Undertaker, there’s doubt in your voice, and when i beat you tonight i will be sending a message to the WWE Universe, i’ll be sending a message to my opponent at Night of Champions, The Big Show, and i’ll be sending a message to you deadman, and that message is very simple, the power of this WWE Universe, the power of the 7 foot 500 pound giant, an the power of the dark side simply can not compare to the power of Straight Edge”. The Undertaker looks on and says ”I tell what Punk, why dont you come down and try but the results will be the same as always, you will fail”. Punk strokes his beard for a moment and then replies ”Failure is what you call it uh, i seem to remember when you were a 100% making you tap out, im the most dangerous man on SmackDown, what do you think im gonna do to you in your weaken condition”. Undertaker says ”I know exactly what your going to do Punk, you are going to Rest in Peace”. The Undertakers music hits the arena and they have a little stare off.

Match 1 : Singles Match

Jack Swagger vs. MVP

Winner : Jack Swagger

Swagger gets the victory after getting the ankle lock on MVP forcing him to tap out.

Kaval the winner of NXT Season 2 is backstage with Laycool who are arguing over who will be facing Melina at Night of Champions, he cuts them off and moans about them and how its his first night on SmackDown and he cant hear himself think with all there bickering, this doesnt go down well with them two and Kaval ends up walking off.

We now get a promo of The Undertaker and Kane and there journey in the WWE, from Kane returning to the WWE, to Kane’s unmasking leading all the way upto the P.P.V. Night of Champions for the World Heavyweight Championship where the feud will end.

Backstage and Matt Hardy is making his way to the ring for his match against Alberto Del Rio.

Match 2 : Singles Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy

Winner : Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets the victory after locking on the submission hold and forcing Hardy to tap out, after celebrating Del Rio goes back to do the submission hold again but is interrupted by Christian who rushes out to stop him resulting in Del Rio jumping out of the ring and leaving up the ramp telling Christian how he will pay for this.

Match 3 : Singles Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval

Winner : Drew McIntyre

This was Kaval’s debut on SmackDown and he wasnt bad considering he was up against McIntyre who we have seen in the past go the extra mile to destroy his opponent, Matt Hardy a perfect example of that. McIntyre gets the victory though after pulling off the Future Shock DDT and getting the 3 count. Laycool came out after the match to check on Kaval but were disgusted with the amount of sweat on him.

We now get yet another promo video from ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes with his perfection videos.

Match 4 : Tag Team Match

Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters

Winners : Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters

A good match overall but Kofi gets the win after hitting Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler, Chavo not happy at all because while the Ref was focused on Masters, Ziggler had tagged Chavo into the ring but the Ref hadnt seen this so just as Chavo was about to attack Kofi, the Ref pulled him off and said he hadnt seen the tag. Ziggler meanwhile had just finally got to his feet and tried telling the Ref as well about the tag but just as he turned around he was hit with Kofi’s finisher and pinned.

Back stage now and we have The Big Show who is impersonating being Josh Mathews interviewing himself, he starts talking about his match at Night of Champions against CM Punk, he says how he has taken out Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. Mid way through his own interview, Diva Kelly Kelly shows up and laughs about The Big Show calling himself a Big Giant. Shortly after that, Josh Mathews actually shows up and asks them both if they have seen his microphone, Big Show says no even though he’s just stuffed it under his armpit. Kelly Kelly persuades him to give it back, relucantly he does.

Match 5 : Singles Match

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

Winner : The Undertaker

Before the match, just when Punk was coming out he was also joined by Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury, however Punk reacted badly to this and told them to leave which they did after Punk had finished shouting at them. The Undertaker gets the win though after locking in the Hells Gate Submission hold resulting in Punk tapping out. After the match, Kane’s music hits the arena and the normal ring sparks light up, You can hear Kane laughing but he’s no where to be seen.

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