Friday Night SmackDown 17/09/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 17/09/2010 :

The show starts off with Christian in the ring hosting his own personal show,  The Peep Show. He cuts straight to the chase and goes to introduce his first guest but before he can say anything he is cut off by somebody in the dark, who is it, its Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, And here he is, coming out in yet another flash car and making his way towards the ring. Christian welcomes him to the Peep Show, he then goes onto say how he’s made quite an impression in his short time here on SmackDown, the suits, the cars, personal ring announcer. Christian then takes the mickey out of his boring introduction videos before Del Rio actually made his debut on SmackDown. Dep Rio responds that all you need to know about him is how he took care of Rey Mysterio, Christian said everybody know’s Christian’s credentials, who is Del Rio? Christian talks about some of the people he has encountered during his time here in the WWE. De Rio says how Christian has done everything, he’s the great Christian, Del Rio says how he’s going to change the WWE forever and Christian will end up washing his dishes, cleaning his houses. Chrisitan is still annoyed about the attack on Mysterio, a good friend of his and in doing so he challenges Del Rio to a match at Night of Champions, a match of any choice. Del Rio refuses because he says if he faces Christian at Night of Champions then he will end up like these people in the audience tonight and he doesnt want that. Del Rio tells Christian that he will think about his offer and then turns his back on Christian, this annoys Christian who spins Del Rio around and slaps him. Del Rio rips off his jacket but departs the ring up the ramp, he stops and turns around and says to Christian, do you want my answer, do you, Del Rio’s answer is… No. Del Rio smirks with Christian watching on.

Match 1 : Tag Team Match

The Hart Dynasty with Natalya vs. ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

Winners : ”Dashing” Cody RhodesDrew McIntyre

The ending of this match was the turning point where Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre took advantage, The Hart Dynasty were in control after where most of the match, Tyson Kidd was getting beat up right left and centre. He was finally able to tag David Hart Smith who first tried to lock on the Sharp Shooter but that was cancelled out when McIntyre entered the ring to help out Cody, Smith then set up the Hart Attack with Rhodes the target, Tyson got in the ring and ran against the ropes but McIntyre brilliantly grabbed the legs of Tyson and pulled him out of the ring and threw him against the commentators table. Smith unaware of this still lost the hold on Rhodes who quickly turned it round into the Cross Rhodes and that was the victory for ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. These two are pushing for a chance at the Tag Team Championship because an opponent has not yet been decided for The Hart Dynasty.

Match 2 : Singles Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

Winner : Kofi Kingston

Before the match, Kofi is in the ring and he gets on the mic talking down about Dolph Ziggler. He says he’s only where he is today and that’s because of Vicky Guerrero. He’s continues by saying what kind of man hides behind his woman, what kind of man has his woman fight his battles for him, a coward says Kofi? Kofi then calls Vicky a beast of a woman, she has abused her power to make sure Dolph keeps that title but Kofi will make sure that at Night of Champions he loses it. Kofi reminds the audience that if Dolph gets disqualified or counted out, then he loses his title to Kofi. He also believes that if Dolph does loses his title then Vicky will also leave his side. Kofi then promises Trouble in Paradise for Dolph. This was a pretty even match and Kofi can count himself lucky to have won this match because Swagger was on form, he tried several times to lock on the ankle lock, a move he has used many times on people such as Big Show and MVP the most recent. Kofi gets the win though after finally pulling off Trouble in Paradise.

Backstage now and we are with Hornswoggle, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has for a few weeks now been trying to get some information out of him but with no luck, Hornswoggle has information about Laycool that Long wants to know so after a few methods tried and failed, Hornswoggle has now gone back to school. Long is speaking to a Nun who he introduces to Hornswoggle, She says hello but Hornswoggle doesnt like the approach, Long says he calls him Horny. The Nun says that’s strike 1, Long who intended to leave the pair alone to help get Hornswoggle to speak is now attending the class as instructed by the Nun. She starts to write the ‘A, B, C’ on the black board, Hornswoggle drops his crayon and asks Long to pick it up, as he does, Hornswoggle switches papers, the Nun comes to check what they have done and Hornswoggle gets a good feedback because he’s got the piece of paper that he pinched from Long which reads ‘A, B, C’. Long realises that he has something bad on the piece of paper that Hornswoggle switched and doesnt want to share it, the Nun takes the paper and its a picture of a nun but with horns. Long gets strike 2 for that picture, the nun goes back to the black board, Hornswoggle then some paper airplanes on Long’s desk, and then throws one at the Nun, she turns around and Hornswoggle is all surprised and points to Long’s desk, The nun says thats strike 3 Teddy and pulls his hand out and is about to hit him with a kane, Hornswoggle stops this and points to himself indicating it was him not Teddy, the Nun grabs his hand then but Long also grabs the kane. Hornswoggle runs over to the black board and bangs the erasers together resulting in the nun getting covered in chalk. He runs back over to Long and is all laughing, The Nun says he doesnt need help, he needs an exorcism, Long looks up to the skies and says ‘Lord, what have we done now’.

Match 3 : Singles Match

CM Punk vs. Christian

Winner : CM Punk

At ringside for this match is Alberto Del Rio who if you remember earlier was the guest host on The Peep Show with Christian who also challenged Del Rio to a match at Night of Champions which he refused. Punk gets the win though after Del Rio distracts Christian by saying how he’s reconsidering, which could only mean the offer of a match at Night of Champions. In doing so, Christian is distracted so Punk counters and gets Christian up on his shoulders and pulls of the GTS and gets the pin. After the match, Del Rio gets into the ring with a chair and sits on it over the body of Christian, preventing him from moving. Punk is just leaving the ring when The Big Show comes running down the ramp, Punk is back in the ring and then out the other side, Del Rio squares up to Big Show with the chair but Punk is back in and attacking from behind, He ends up being on the resulting end of the fist of Big Show which knocks him out.

Kane is out next and he’s in the ring, we still havent had an answer yet to what the Undertaker offered last week and that was that the match at Night of Champion for the World Heavyweight Championship be a No Holds Barred Match. Will Kane the current Champion, accept. He says how the final chapter between the Bothers of Destruction will be written and he guarantees the story will not end like it always does with the Undertaker being victorious. Kane says he will be the one who finishes off the Undertaker, just like how it started is how it will end, the Undertaker, his big brother, at his feet. Kane says his plot which he started 13 years ago will end on his terms, Kane says how he wanted a No Holds Barred Match so he accepts with ease. He then states how the Devil’s favourite demon will rest in, and then there he is, The Undertaker’s music and here he comes, no coat and hat though, he’s ready to fight straight away it seems. He makes his way to the ring but it goes dark before Undertaker gets there, the lights are back up and Kane is now behind the Undertaker and just as he turns around he hits him in the stomach with the title belt and attacks him constantly. The Undertaker being thrown around from side to side by Kane, lucky enough if he’s able to get a single shot at Kane. They are in the ring after doing almost a full circle attack around it and Kane continues his attack, Kane knocks Undertaker down and then ready’s the Chokeslamm, Undertaker on his feet and Kane’s got him and pulls it off. Kane is really proving to be the dominate one here at the moment, Undertaker not been able to do anything. Undertaker is up again but Kane quickly gets him into the Tombstone position and Undertaker is down again.

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