Friday Night SmackDown 24/09/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 24/09/2010 :

Match 1 : Singles Match

Kane vs. Chris Masters

Winner : Kane

Masters gets the MasterLock and gets it locked in first time, Kane struggles but is able to break from it after ramming Masters into the corner post a couple of times. Masters tries to fight back but he isnt able to keep it up and Kane hits him with a Chokeslamm followed by a Tombstone. After the match, Kane cuts a promo for The Undertaker. He goes on to say how the Undertaker is weak, just like the audience, just like the people who are watching from home, and how he can smell fear in his big brother. Kane then says how he has a challenge for the Undertaker which he will propose to him later on and that he will not take No for an answer.

Match 2 : Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championship (Rematch Clause Activated)

”Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty with Natayla

Winners : ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

McIntyre gets the win after getting Future Shock on Tyson Kidd, before this though McIntyre had torn off a belt buckle revealing the metal pin, Kidd charged and McIntyre through him over his head and Kidd came down on the metal pin head first, this lead to the Future Shock finisher and the win. Rhodes sneakily while the ref was counting the 3 count, reattached the padding on the belt buckle to avoid disqualification.

We next see The Undertaker sat backstage in a stair well, all alone in the dark looking all down and depressed.

We then switch over to Alberto Del Rio looking all chuffed with himself about something, the camera moves out and we then see him kneeling down looking at Christian who is in pain lying on the floor. Del Rio says that he told him another time, another place. Officials then rush to Christian’s aid and tell Del Rio to move along so that they can attend to him.

Backstage once again and we have the Dudebusters (Trent Baretta and Caylen Kroft) are talking with Hornswoggle, they are trying to get him to say Dudebusters but he just cant get the words out. Teddy Long then walks in and asks whats going on, They say they are trying to help Hornswoggle speak, Teddy says that is a ridiculous idea, why would they want to do that. The Dudebusters explain that they are trying to help both the company out with the move (because they were wearing removal uniforms) and then maybe help themselves by getting a title shot, Long disagrees and tells them that they aint physically moving but just changing channels. They then start to pack up some belongings, Long says why dont they take Hornswoggle with them, the Dudebusters leave and Hornswoggle takes a poster and is about to leave but Long taps him on the shoulder and says that they will get back to him talking later.

In the locker room now and we have CM Punk, Luke Gallows enters and Punk stands up and tells him that he’s through with him, he told him that last week and and he meant it, Punk also says how Gallows isnt good enough for Straight Edge Society and never was. Punk tells him to get out one more time, Gallows goes to leave but then grabs Punk by the shirt and shoves him up against the wall. He tells Punk that because he’s Straight Edge doesnt make him better than all of the WWE, he’s better than no one in fact says Gallows. He goes on to say that he doesnt think he’s better than anyone but Gallows knows he’s better than Punk, Gallows then says that when he beats Punk later on, he will go out and celebrate and have a beer. He drops Punk and leaves.

Match 3 : Singles Match

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kaval

Winner : Chavo Guerrero

This was a pretty even match throughout until a slip up by Kaval on the top robes. Chavo was up already and Kaval climbed up to perform a rather spectacular leg move but it failed. Chavo climbed high on the ropes and performed the Frog Splash and landing perfectly on Kaval resulting in the 3 count.

We are now told that Alberto Del Rio is going to make an announcement about Rey Mysterio, we get a quick recap of what he did to him and then Del Rio is introduced out by his own personal ring announcer. He enters the ring and starts talking about Christian first of all, saying how he’s been trying to get a match with him for weeks now and where is he, he reminds the audience what he did to Christian and then again what he did to Mysterio. He says how all of his victims end up in the hospital, he then gets a video footage replayed again of what he did to Mysterio a month ago. Del Rio tells everyone how Mysterio is coming back to SmackDown next week and how he has challenged him to a match. Just then Christians music plays and here he comes, still feeling the pain but soon as he enters the ring you wouldnt think he’s in pain because he attacks Del Rio with force. He has the upper hand until Del Rio’s ring announcer grabs Christians leg and Del Rio is able to counter and knock him out. Del Rio locks on his famous submission hold and Christian is tapping but this means nothing, He breaks free and rolls out of the ring, Del Rio follows and grabs a chair and again continues his attack on Christians injured left arm. He puts his arm into the chair and throws him against the ring post, Del Rio again tells Christian, another time, another place, and then he leaves the ring.

We again now see the Undertaker sat backstage in the very same place in the stair well. He still looks depressed.

Match 4 : 2 on 1 Handicap Match (Tag Match)

Kurt Hawkins & Vance Archer vs. The Big Show

Winner : The Big Show

This was a quick and easy match for the Big Show who got a submission hold on Vance Archer forcing him to tap out almost instantly.

Backstage now with Josh Mathews who is interviewing Jack Swagger. Mathews talks about how next week we have the premier of SmackDown being on Syfy and how it will be in his home town. Swagger loves this and goes on about how he will be victorious, a former World Heavyweight Champion coming home, he even then shows of two football jerseys with his name and number on, he turns his back to them and continues to talk to Josh about his home town and his own achievements. Behind him unaware then come in are the Dudebusters and Hornswoggle who are doing some more removal work, they take Swaggers belongings and leave without him knowing but Josh saw it all and didnt say a word at all.

Match 5 : Singles Match

CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows

Winner : CM Punk

This match was pretty even with Gallows starting of in control but Punk getting back into the match mid way through. Punk finally gets the win though after Gallows charged at Punk in the corner post but Punk moved, Gallows hit the post and as he turned around, Punk got him up on his shoulders and gave Gallows the GTS finisher and got the victory.

For the third time now we see the Undertaker again backstage still in the stair well. He hasnt moved and he just like the last couple of times he is still looking rather depressed.

Match 6 : Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP

Winner : MVP via disqualification

The match is a good one and early on Dolph gets thrown out of the ring, Kaitlyn who is ringside with Vickie attends to him to see if he’s alright, Vickie does not like this one little bit and pushes her, Kaitlyn pushes Vickie back and she falls over. Kaitlyn decides she’s had enough and leaves the ring, Vickie gets up and Dolph tries to calm her down but she wants to hear nothing of it and she also leaves the ring. Dolph gets back into the ring before being counted out and continues the match. This continues to be a good match but just as MVP is about to perform his Ballin’ Elbow but Dolph rolls out of the ring and heads over for his title belt and leaves the ring, he is counted out and MVP announced the winner via disqualification.

Backstage and we see Diva Rosa Mendes skipping, she is interrupted by the Dudebusters who are continuing there removal work and they take her skip, put it into a box and hand over to Hornswoggle who takes it up a ramp to a lorry they are packing up. Vicke Guerrero comes shouting for Kaitlyn her NXT rookie who just pushed her over, she asks the Dudebusters if they have seen her, they say no. Vickie then asks Hornswoggle and behind her back he makes a girls voice kind of sound pointing to inside the lorry, Vickie goes in shouting for Kaitlyn and the Dudebusters lock the lorry up and it drives away.

Backstage again with the Undertaker who is still sitting in the stair well, a door opens and light shines though, he shouts at whoever it is to get out of there, they dont, he shouts it again and looks up and he stops in his tracks at what he is saying, he gets up and he then poses as the Deadman.

Kane comes out, he said earlier that he would have a challenge for The Undertaker and he announces to all what that is. He said the fun is just beginning so why end it at Night of Champions, he challenges the Undertaker a match at Hell in a Cell. The Undertaker’s music hits the arena and here comes the druids bringing out with a red casket just for Kane. He looks on wondering what the Undertaker has got planned, Kane leans through the ropes and lifts up the casket and he jumps back at the shock of who’s inside, its Paul Bearer the father of Kane. Bearer sits up in the casket and looks at Kane, The Undertakers music goes and the arena goes dark. The lights come back up and the Undertaker is behind Kane while he is facing Bearer who is now in the ring. Kane turns around and see’s his big brother who starts to attack him, he knocks him down and lines up a Chokeslamm but Kane roles out of the ring. He ends up the ramp and watches on as Undertaker bows to Bearer and poses. Kane all along not happy screaming.

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