TNA Impact 07/10/10

The show starts off with ‘The Monster’ Abyss handcuffing Dixie Carter. Abyss tells Dixie Carter to shut up and says “cry for me Dixie, come on”. Abyss keeps yelling at Dixie, as she continues to cry, Abyss mentions I am taking you to where ‘THEY’ have instructed me to take you. He says he’s its just getting started, and says “give me a tear Dixie”, Dixie then screams for help and says “call for somebody”, and Abyss says “get back”. Dixie then yells “call security”, as the monster tells everyone to get back as he passes through the crew team backstage. Abyss then appears with Dixie entering the arena as the fans continue to boo him. Dixie tries to get out, however Abyss keeps pulling on the handcuff and says “can you smell that”, as the fans yell to him “You Suck”. Abyss says “it’s the smell of power, control”, and he says to Dixie “the arrival at 10 10 10 and ‘THEY’ will arrive and ‘THEY’ will take total control of TNA and Dixie you are gone”. He says to Dixie, “THEY have one question, do you prefer ‘Janice’ or ‘Bob’, which one is it…. You want ‘Janice’?” Then Eric Bischoff comes down with security and tries to back everyone off and tries to calm down Abyss. He then unlocks Dixie as Eric Bischoff tries to talk some sense into him; however Abyss has Janice in his hands and tries to show Dixie; however Dixie quickly runs with security. Eric Bischoff says “it’s over”.

Eric Bischoff then enters the ring, and all of a sudden the music plays and it’s the ‘Icon’ Sting who comes out with Kevin Nash and The Pope.

The Pope starts first and says “I told you last week that you are nothing but a SO a Bischoff” however he mentions maybe you might not be a SO a Bischoff, cause you are out here running the show. The Pope then threatens Eric Bischoff saying that on 10 10 10 the wolfs will be coming and they will crash on you.

Eric Bischoff then mentions that he respects him a lot, however you have no idea. The Pope says “We are not 300 lions, we are 3 calculated wolfs”. He then asks Eric Bischoff, is this bigger than The Pope? And Eric Bischoff replies back saying much bigger. He tells The Pope that you are following these 2 around like they know something; well you are going in the wrong direction my friend he quotes. He mentions that this thing is about Sting and Hogan and suddenly Sting walks up towards Eric Bischoff, just stirring him down.

Sting then says that, it about me and Hogan, well it’s dead on. He says what started 10 years ago will all come crashing down at BFG and the best way Hogan could end it is by getting back in the ring. When at BFG, Hogan will show his true identity and will he be able to walk away? He then tells Eric Bischoff to answer him now and Eric Bischoff says “I got nothing to say to you”. Then Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett run towards the ring however are stopped by Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff says he can handle this and then explodes on the mic, as he says you really want to know, you guys come out here and threaten me. Well Eric Bischoff then says “you are challenging a guy who is in intensive care, as we speak. But that doesn’t matter to you does it, cause there is nothing that is going to fill in that big black hole”. Then he points his finger to the screen and shows all 3 of them what Hogan is going through and Eric Bischoff mentions that that’s the 8 surgery he has had since February of 2009. They really showed the surgery that Hogan is going through and the pain. After that Eric Bischoff mentions that he really doesn’t care if you guys want to kick my ass. Then another confirmed match is set for BFG, as Eric Bischoff puts Kevin Nash, ‘The Icon’ Sting and The Pope against Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett in a 3 on 2 handicap match.

Team 3D were shown in Times Square in New York. Brother Ray said they were born and bred in New York. Brother Ray said they will appear at Bound For Glory and make an announcement that will change tag team wrestling forever…

Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley: Falls count anywhere match

Ric Flair comes out in style posing to the fans, and then the hardcore legend arrives. The fans start to cheer for Foley, Foley. Then all of a sudden both of them lock arms and Ric then follows them up with huge chops, kicks and punches to the head. He rips off the tape that was on Mick’s head and causes him to bleed again from his right eye. The blood really starts flowing and gets worse as Mick is thrown outside the ring. As Taz at ring commentary says “when that blood gets into your eye, it’s very tough to see and it really burns”. Ric Flair rams Mick’s head onto the railing forcing more damage on to that eye; however Mick delivers a low blow, as he took a page out of Flair’s book. Flair moves away has he got stunned (which man wouldn’t), then he tosses Ric back into the ring. Whilst Ric is trying to recover, Mick moves the steel steps and pulls out a baseball bat wrapped around with barbed wire, looking very deadly. He rapidly enters the ring and hits Ric straight in the face, as Ric starts to roll towards the ropes, as soon as he gets up Mick hits him again and forces Ric to start bleeding. Now both are bleeding at this point of the match. Mick then delivers constant punches to the forehead of Ric Flairs and after Ric escapes by going underneath the bottom rope and walks towards the commentary desk with Mick following him from behind. Mick hits Ric head first onto the desk followed by a huge chop from Flair. Both of them then walk towards the entrance area and Ric gets hit again to the body with that deadly weapon and then Mick places that onto Ric’s forehead forcing him to bleed more, and causing him more pain and agony. Ric then counters back and throws Mick off the top onto the table, breaking every bone in his body. Both of them are tired and hurt at this point and Ric is taking a breather and Mick is holding his ribs of that incredible fall from the top. The fans are chanting Foley, Foley….

Both of them are covered with blood.


Both of them then appear back in the ring as Ric is now controlling the match. During the commercial break they show how Ric Flair beating up Mick Foley with his own book and then tears it into pieces and stomps on it. Ric is pretty much in control of the match with several punches and kicks to Mick Foley. Both of them are constantly bleeding more and more as it’s a last man standing match.

Flair has brought some thumb tacks and is trying to set Foley, however Foley fights back and Flair lands straight onto them after a back surplex. Mick then goes under the ring and brings in the barbwire board into the ring. Constant rapid fire shots from Foley. It goes really bad, as Foley rams the barb wired board straight onto Flair’s face. Flair tries to fight back after nearly going down, however Mick knocks Flair down and slides the table into the ring. Flair begs for mercy from Mick, however Flair tricks him and low blows him. Flair then sets Foley on the table and then hits him with the barbed wire board and then followed by a huge splash from the top turn buckle. The fans are going crazy chanting TNA, TNA….. Both try to get up after that, however Flair could not get his bearings right as he falls back down, face first onto the thumb tacks as he couldn’t stand back up before the 10 count. Foley just barely gets the victory as he is also dazed from all the violent shots to his body.

Winner: Mick Foley

Highlights of the match were shown. Flair was on his way up the ramp when Foley reminded him over the mic that there was the ass kissing stipulation. Flair headed back to the ring. Before he could pucker up, Fortune hit the ring and put the boots to Foley. EV2 ran out and Fortune fled to ringside. Flair said that’s kissing his ass, and Fortune is going to kiss all their asses on Sunday. “EV2 my ass,” Flair said.

Eric Bischoff was shown walking backstage and then he made his way to the ring. He said that was one hell of a train wreck. He checked with the production woman at ringside. He said they don’t have much time, so they needed to get it over with. Bischoff called out Abyss.

Bischoff called out Abyss again. Rob Van Dam’s music played instead. Van Dam came to the ring and said he’s fighting Abyss on Sunday or he doesn’t even want to be in TNA. Van Dam said he’s 1,010 percent sure of what he’s saying and his mind is unchangeable.

Van Dam told Bischoff to tell Dixie Carter that Abyss wrestles through Bound For Glory on Sunday or she loses RVD. Bischoff said he’d comply if that’s what RVD really wants.

Orlando Jordan and Eric vs Ink Inc.

The bell rang and Young tagged Jesse Neal and tried to wrestle Jordan briefly. Jordan stayed in and rubbed his back on Neal in the corner and then tried to kiss him.

Jordan also rubbed his, crotchal region on Neal and moved it toward his face until Neal threw him off. Moore tagged in and hit some flashy offense, but Jordan eventually low blowed him and scored the pin.

Winner: Orlando Jordan and Eric

After the match, Young took the mic and said he and Jordan would like to forfeit the match. Jordan was pissed. Young said the finish would never stand up in a court of law. Young said he’s kind of a big deal around here, and would propose that they all head to Daytona, get matching tattoos, and do the match all over again. Tenay said he’d like to see a rematch at BFG.

Footage aired of Jay Lethal at his parents home in New Jersey. He said he lives in Tampa, but his parents house will always be his home.

Tenay hyped the battle royal as shots aired of the BFG main event participants. He said they would all be part of the match that was coming up after the break.

Backstage, Dixie Carter told Rob Van Dam that she’ll let Abyss work at the pay-per-view, but he’s fired after that. Bischoff stepped in with paperwork that made would make Abyss’s release effective at midnight on Monday morning. Dixie signed it. Bischoff said he’d send it to Guy (TNA attorney). Dixie told Van Dam to win on Sunday.

The Shore made their entrance. Robbie E. and Cookie made their entrance and cut an in-ring promo while the crowd greeted them with what seemed to be “go away” heat. They mocked the Impact Zone crowd in a Jersey Shore knockoff manner. Robbie said the fans live with their mothers and are posers like the people on MTV.

A video focused on Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, and Dixie Carter hyping Bound For Glory… Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle made their entrances as the first two entrants in the battle royal.

Gauntlet Battle Royal

Tenay noted that the match had a new entrant every 45 seconds. Jeff Hardy was out next, meaning the three BFG participants were the first three entrants. They barely did anything before A.J. Styles made his entrance as the fourth entrant.

After the break, Chris Sabin, Tommy Dreamer, Max Buck, Sabu, and Douglas Williams were in the ring. Jay Lethal was out next. Jeff Jarrett followed. Pope entered next. Robert Roode came out. The announcers stressed that no one had been eliminated yet. Sting made his entrance.

There were more entrants and then the rapid fire entrants began. Abyss eliminated the majority or all of the rapid fires that included Raven, Stevie Richards, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and others. There was a big pile up in the corner with all the wrestlers piling onto Abyss.

Sting did the splash onto the pile. He went for a second splash on Abyss, who caught him and dumped him over the top rope. Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan were the next men out. They ended up having a stare down that Samoa Joe’s entrance music distracted the crowd from.

Morgan and Nash were fighting near the ropes when Abyss dumped them both over the top. Tenay said Abyss eliminated eight or nine guys. James Storm was out next. Tommy Dreamer nearly eliminated Abyss, but he came back and eliminated both of the Bucks.

Alex Shelley came out next, so much for the Guns and Bucks feud continuing in the battle royal. Rhino was out next and was also the next man eliminated. Abyss eliminated Jarrett.

                                                           TNA Reaction

As TNA Reaction started, Samoa Joe eliminated himself when he ran at Abyss, who pulled down the rope. We get it. Abyss is a god. Beer Money went after Abyss. Styles got eliminated by Abyss.

The match came down to Angle, Hardy, Anderson, and Abyss. Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb on Angle, only to be eliminated by Abyss. Although minutes had passed since there had been an entrant, Rob Van Dam’s music played and he was named an official entrant. Van Dam beat up Abyss and actually stopped to do his thumb pointing routine. Van Dam dove at Abyss near the ropes and they both tumbled to ringside and were eliminated.

The last two entrants were Angle and Anderson. Angle ended up using the Olympic Slam to eliminate Mr. Anderson. Angle was given a stock of money, which he held above his head in celebration.

Seven minutes into the top of the hour, the battle royal from Impact continued. Abyss has already taken out about seven guys, and then eliminated Samoa Joe and Beer Money. Angle, Anderson, Hardy, and Abyss were the final four.

Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and Swanton on Angle, but Abyss then eliminated Hardy. RVD’s music hit and he joined the match for the first time.

RVD eliminated himself and Abyss, leaving Anderson and Angle in the ring. The two went back and forth teasing eliminations, but Angle finally Angle slammed Anderson over the top for the victory.

Kurt Angle won the $100,000 Invitational Battle Royal.

Backstage, Flair told some cameraman he and Fortune were getting into the longest limousine in Orlando. The limo would have women and booze. They were on their way to Daytona. He said Fortune was the best. He invited everyone to see him spend 100K in the bar.

Fortune joked about EV2 kissing Dixie Carter’s ass. Flair then said he would be more than happy to kiss Dixie’s ass. Flair had a beer, he had some fun, and Fortune made fun of Dixie’s husband, Serg.

Mick Foley and EV2 were interviewed backstage. Foley said every return to the ring always fell short of expectations, except for tonight.

Each member of EV2 talked about making each other bleed, but now coming together to help make Fortune bleed at Bound for Glory. Raven said “10-10-10” was triple X in Roman numerals.

Footage aired of Hulk Hogan in the hospital with comments from his surgeon. Taz and Tenay sent Hogan their best wishes.

Kurt Angle was backstage talking about his battle royal victory. Jesse Neal approached Kurt and played tattle tale. He said Anderson made some bad comments about him earlier. Angle demanded the production guy pull up the interview.

Anderson said Angle should take the hundred thousand dollars from the battle royal and buy himself some integrity. Angle was pissed and he went looking for Anderson.

Angle found Anderson backstage. Anderson said Angle took a cheap shot at him during the battle royal. Angle told Anderson to stay away from him. Anderson called him a dick. They argued some more.

Anderson told Angle he would see him at Bound for Glory for the very last time. He then spit water in Angle’s face and started beating his ass. Angle came back and called Anderson an asshole.

Angle said he would see Anderson and Bound for Glory and called him an asshole. Anderson said he would show Angle who the asshole was.

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