Raw House Show 09/10/10

Raw House Show Results for 09/10/2010 :

1. Goldust defeated Ted DiBiase, before the match diBiase was calling Goldust a thief for taking his Million Dollar Belt and that he should be in prison.

2. Mason Ryan defeated Zack Ryder.

3. Justin Gabriel & David Otunga with Heath Slater defeated Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov, the Raw General Manager requested a Dance off before this match took place.

4. Ezekiel Jackson defeated William Regal, before the match, Regal was stating how shocked he was to hear that Jackson requested this match and then persisted to call him ungrateful for everything he’s done for him.

5. CM Punk defeated R-Truth, Punk stated before the match how he’s bored of beating up the SmackDown stars so is turning his attentions to Raw.

6. Daniel Bryan defeated John Morrison.

7. Wade Barrett defeated Mark Henry, Nexus came out halfway to distract the ref while Barrett exposed a turnbuckle.

8. Randy Orton defeated Sheamus in a Steel Cage Match, after the match Nexus stormed the cage and attacked Orton, Goldust and Daniel Bryan came out to help but were beaten down.┬áMark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov then come out to Henry’s music and attack Nexus, all are kicked out except Barrett who gets laid up by Henry to Orton for an RKO.


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