Monday Night Raw 11/10/10

Monday Night Raw 11/10/10 Results :

John Cena starts the show off and he comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, the first words that Cena says is that it means so much to him that they still have faith in him. He says how last week he heard the WWE Universe chant something that he’s never heard before and that was Never Give Up. Cena states that he will never give up, he wants to set the record straight about the risk he took at Hell in a Cell, he says end of the day he lost and he made a deal and by that he became a member of the Nexus, he says how he apparently has to take orders from Wade Barrett, if he doesnt then he’s fired and this isnt fired from Raw and move to SmackDown, fired has in gone. Cena says how he lives for this and he doesnt know what else he’d be doing if he wasnt here, he then says he’s between a rock and a hard place and that they may have to see him do some things that he wouldnt normally do, he then goes onto to say something about Wade Barrett but he is cut off by the Miz and Alex Riley who come out.

The Miz mocks Cena about him losing the support of the WWE Universe, Miz then tells him that he is going to captain team Raw against team SmackDown at Bragging Rights. Miz tells Cena how he assembles his team and its not unlike Cena, he doesn’t assembles his teams by who he likes personally. The Miz then offers Cena a spot on his team. He says he knows Cena takes pride in RAW and didn’t like it last year when Big Show betrayed RAW. Cena actually thinks this is a really good idea but there’s only one problem and thats the Miz being the Captain. Cena says it’s a ridiculous as Betty White doing a spread for Playboy. A lot of us would look, but it would be a disaster, he says how he’s a bit down about the whole Nexus thing and he’s got nothing going on at Bragging Rights, so why doesnt he Captain Team RAW?

Wade Barrett then comes out and says he’ll make this very, very clear for everyone concerned. He says he doesn’t care about RAW and certainly doesnt care about SmackDown, all he cares about is Nexus and the WWE Title. Barrett tells Cena that he needs his attention on one thing and one thing only and thats being in his corner when he takes on Randy Orton. Simply forget about the rest. He wants nothing to get in his way at Bragging Rights. Cena says there’s no reason he can’t do both, he says he can make time for both. Wade says all he’s going to do is be in his corner, or is he going to disobey his orders? Cena looks about all down because he knows he must listen to Barrett.

Alex Riley steps up on the mic and tells Cena that although he might be new here, he thinks Cena should listen to Barrett because even if Wade does beat Orton, Miz might cash in his Money in the Bank Contract and leave Bragging Rights as the new WWE Champion. Miz isnt looking to happy about this, he grabs the mic from Riley and says there goes the element of surprise! But Riley’s right. Maybe he leads RAW to victory and takes the WWE Title.

Just then, an email comes though from the General Manager, it reads, “Wade, while John Cena answers to you, you and everyone else on the RAW roster answers to me. At Bragging Rights, I want RAW to beat SmackDown! And I want the best team possible. Therefore, tonight I’ve arrange a series of matches with the winner going on to form Team RAW. As for who will lead the team, well, I’m afraid there can only be one true Captain. I don’t want a team that suffers from jealousy and has the potential of betrayal like last year. Therefore in tonight’s main event there will be a match to determine the Captain of Team RAW. It will be Miz versus John Cena.”

The Miz says that’s fine and dandy because he will beat Cena and be Team Captain at RAW and maybe he will cash in at Bragging Rights and become the WWE Champion. He then says to Barrett, you know what you can do about it? Absolutely, positively nothing! Barrett attacks the Miz, Riley gets involved and attacks Wade. Miz and Riley both attacking Barrett now, Cena is just watching them both but after a short pause he attacks Miz and Riley and gets them off Barrett who slips out of the ring. Cena takes Miz out, then gives an Attitude Adjustment to Riley. Cena poses on a corner while Miz glares. Wade back into the ring now and he’s screaming at Cena, obviously for not jumping right in and helping him.

Match 1 : Singles Match

Ted diBiase with Maryse vs. R-Truth with Eve

Winner : R-Truth with Eve

Midway through this match, Goldust’s music plays and he comes out with his NXT rookie Aksana. Goldust holding the Million Dollar Belt, caressing it at the top of the ramp. Ted is distracted looking at Goldust, R-Truth grabs him from behind and goes for the pin but diBiase kicks out but then gets hit with the Lie Detector from Truth and he gets the pin.

Match 2 : Singles Match

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd

Winner : John Morrison

Apparently this match was meant to be a Triple Threat Match with the current two plus David Hart Smith but Smith couldnt be found anywhere, this was confirmed by the General Manager who emailed Michael Cole personally. Morrison got the win in this match after hitting his new finisher which was a back flip holding your opponent and spinning them over onto there back.

Backstage now with Nexus who are joined by Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. Otunga wants to know what Barrett promised them both? Are they in Nexus or not? Did Wade put them up to what they did at Hell In a Cell? Wade walks in and says he answers the questions. Barrett tells Husky and McGillicutty to take a walk. Wade squares up to Otunga and asks what he meant last week by telling Cena to talk to him about his troubles. Is Otunga jealous says Barrett? Otunga says it’s all good though. Wade says all them three have to do is worry about helping him beat Orton at Bragging Rights. Barrett puts Otunga in a match with Orton for later on, Otunga says he’ll do it, he’ll beat him but suggests if he really wants to hurt Orton, it should be Justin Gabriel and his 450 splash! Wade agrees and says it’s Gabriel then with Slater and Otunga in his corner.

Match 3 : Singles Match

Santino Marello vs. Zack Ryder

Winner : Santino Marello

After Santino gets the win with his Cobra, Tamina from the Uso’s is in the ring very quickly. Santino is shocked and not sure what to make of it, she jumps at him flooring him. She’s all happy though and makes her own Cobra hand, Santino makes his and they kiss with each others hands. She picks him up and hugs him throwing him about, she knocks him over again and then again as they celebrate in the ring.

Match 4 : Singles Match

Justin Gabriel with David Otunga & Heath Slater vs. Randy Orton

Winner : Randy Orton

Very early on in this match and Gabriel gets thrown out of the ring, Orton follows, not sure this is a good idea considering Slater and Otunga are outside the ring as well. Orton throws Gabriel back into the ring and then notices Slater advancing, he then notices Otunga from behind and ducks his clothesline and kicks him. The ref is out of the ring now and he sends them both to the back, they argue but in time leave the ring area. Gabriel got one chance to hit his 450 Splash but Orton moved but not enough which resulted in Gabriel hitting Orton’s back, both lay down for awhile, Orton holding his back and Gabriel holding his gut. They both get up and square off and then Orton hits Gabriel with an RKO and gets the pin.

Match 5 : Singles Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Winner : Sheamus

Bryan soon as Sheamus was in the ring went for the attack, clearly he’s feeling some anger after last weeks attack from Sheamus, Bryan gives a good match though but Sheamus was the stronger of the two and was able to win this with his big boot to the head.

Backstage now with Cena sitting there in the locker room. R-Truth walks in and they shake hands. R-Truth asks Cena what he’s doing. He says he has the rep as a stand up guy and that they’re buddies. Truth tells Cena that him joining the Nexus isn’t sitting well with the rest of the locker room. He asks if Wade told him to take one of them out, would he do it. Cena looks away, doesnt say a word. R-Truth says he knew it. He needs to do what Wade tells him or get fired. Truth says before he makes too big a mistake, there is another way out of it. R-Truth stands up and gets in Cena’s face and says, “Just quit!” R-Truth then walks off.

Match 6 : Singles Match

Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk

Winner : CM Punk

CM Punk is introduced out at the beginning of this match as the new member of Raw after his swap with Edge who went to SmackDown last week. Punk gets the win after knocking Bourne off the ropes and hitting his Go To Sleep move and getting the pin. Punk after the win just stares at Bourne, Punk knocks Bourne through the ropes just has he got up. He gets out of the ring and attacks Bourne further throwing him into the barricades a couple of times. He pulls him over to the announcer table, picks Bourne up and then charges at the corner post smacking Bourne into it head first. Punk then gets Bourne into a submission hold and he tells Bourne a few times that this is nothing personal what he’s doing. Three officials have to get hld of Punk to pry him off Bourne who then looks around all annoyed and leaves the ring.

Match 7 : Singles Match No Disqualification Match

The Miz with Alex Riley vs. John Cena

Winner : The Miz with Alex Riley

Because of the match being a no disqualification, Alex Riley can get involved if he wanted, and this is exactly what he does. Miz rolls out early on and Cena follows him, Miz back into the ring and Cnea follows again but Riely pulls Cena’s legs and he’s back out the ring now and Riley clotheslines Cena. Riley gets involved plenty in this match whenever Cena is outside the ring, the Miz tries to go for the Skull Crushing Finale on the announcer table but Cena is able to battle out of it but Miz throws him into the barricade instead after Cena tried his luck with the Attitude Adjustment. Miz gets hold of his Money in the Bank briefcase at one point and tries to attack Cena with that but he misses, Cena reverses this and goes for the STF which he locks in, Miz drags himself over to the bottom rope and Cena lets go. Riley into the ring to help Miz and he tries to attack but Cena counters and get him into the STF move, Riley is tapping away but he’s not the legal man. Cena gets off Riley and goes back for Miz, he goes for the AA again but just then its Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty entering the ring, Cena drops Miz and hits Harris first who falls down but he cant react quick enough to get McGillicutty who hits him and then lines up a spinning neck breaker. Miz takes advantage and pins Cena for the win and becomes Team Raw’s Captain. Miz exits up the ramp with Riley celebrating, Cena in the ring still and from behind, Harris and McGillicuty are eyeing up Cena, they get in the ring and approach him, Cena gets up and charges at McGillicutty and attacks him, Harris attacks Cena but Cena is able to fight them both off. Wade Barrett charges into the ring and pulls Cena off McGillicutty, Cena spins round and hits Barrett unaware who it was. Barrett squares off with Cena, words aint needed, you can tell Barrett is not happy Cena hit him. Cena squares off with Barrett as they lock up with each other.

The General Manager raises an email then, it reads “If Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty want to get involved in matches, then I say they get involved in an official capacity. Next week live on Monday night RAW, Harris and McGillicutty will compete in their first ever Tag Team Match Vs. John Cena and his partner, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.”

Wade Barrett grabs a mic and says interesting, very, very interesting. Barrett says he wants his own little spin on that match. He says if Cena loses, he’s going to officially induct McGillicutty and Harris into the Nexus. So next week Cena, he’s sure he will do the right thing. Cena gets into Wade’s face, he pushes the mic away from Wade who tells Cena not to do that. Wade say it looks like Cena’s trying to stare a hole right through him. Cena says he’d like to do more that that! Wade says he bets Cena would like to drop him right here, right now. He’d love to stick one right on his jaw. For the WWE Universe, for the C-Nation. But he won’t do a thing, will he Cena. He won’t do a thing and it has nothing to do with the General Manager firing him, Cena’s scared. Yellow bellied shouts Barrett. Spineless even, Cena’s scared Barrett would embarrass him the way he did at Hell In a Cell. He thought Cena was a real man, they all did says Wade. Barrett then says he can even turn his back on him. Wade turns and is all smiles! Cena’s having serious troubles holding himself back. How much it must hurt to let them down once again. He’s turned his back and Cena won’t do anything about it, how pathetic! Cena has his arms on the ropes, head down between his arms, Wade says Cena let everybody down. What a total and utter disgrace. He walks past Wade heading for the ring steps. Cena stops, Wade shakes his head at him. Cena leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. Wade tells Cena to hold on, Cena doesnt stop at first so Wade orders him to stop. Cena does and then turns around. Wade says until next week, you can’t see me! Wade laughs, Cena turns and walks up the ramp. Wade continues to smirk, The group really giving alot of heat bout this.

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