TNA Impact “They Have Arrived!” 14/10/10.

The show started off showing the results of the shocking Jeff Hardy turning heal. As Abyss had promised ‘THEY’ have arrived as they showed after the PPV Hogan, Eric, Jeff and Jarrett get in the ring together. RVD comes running down only to get hit by Jeff Hardy with the title. Tonight’s show is entitled, They Have Arrived!”

Then they showed earlier in the show, backstage Eric spoke to Dixie Carter’s lawyer. They were talking about a contract that Dixie Carter signed off, but wasn’t the real contract agreement that Eric said. Eric really showed his attitude towards him and the lawyer said that this isn’t over as Eric just though whatever. The main contract she had signed was the papers to the rights to the company.

The show then started off as Eric and Hogan walked down the ramp and posed towards the fans. The fans were disgusted of how; especially Hogan could sell out like that. Mike Tenay mentioned that you can hear what the fans reaction is towards these two, as the landscape of TNA has changed. (This really reminds me of when NWO was formed when Hogan turned his back towards his fans for the first time as he became Hollywood Hulk Hogan. It’s like they are going back to the original formula that gave competition to the WWE back in the ratings war). Taz mentioned how they double crossed the fans. Tenay also says including the TNA president Dixie Carter, no sorry “former TNA President”. This plan was really organised and the way they pulled this off was shocking as Tenay quoted.

Eric then introduced Hogan in style by praising him as my mentor and my brother, the fans continued to boo Hogan and say ‘Hogan sucks’. Hogan then replies saying “where is that no good Dixie Carter”. Hogan mentioned his TNA Maniacs’. Hogan said that they have taken what’s right fully there’s. Hogan then said “we tried doing it the easy way, however Dixie Carter didn’t want that”. He mentioned that Dixie promised him that she will take all of his ideas, and try to ask him for help to take this company to the very top and give him the keys to the car. However Dixie didn’t wanted to do it the easy way, so Hogan just took and grabbed what was ours brother he quoted to Eric. This is now the company of Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s and it will live for forever brother.

Eric then says “This is like a hostile takeover, however not in this company; here is a work of art”. Most people didn’t see it coming, as Eric had explained how it all started with Abyss and how Hogan took care of him.

Then Eric introduces ‘The Monster’ Abyss as part of Team Hogan. Hogan chants my son to Abyss and Abyss says they are hereeeeeeee.

Abyss then really goes crazy as he screams on the mic towards the fans and says “I will crush anyone who comes in our way and will take orders from Eric and Hogan to get the business done”.

Then Eric talked about the next member of the team, as they didn’t see eye to eye at one point, but we shared the same DNA and we are one in the same. He respects him a lot and then introduces the Founder of TNA and I have the ultimate respect for, non-other than ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett.

The music then plays to the fans and out of the smoke and lights, appears ‘Double J’. He smiles towards his team members and hugs both Eric and Hogan.

Jeff Jarrett blames Dixie Carter for taking TNA underneath his noise as he founded TNA, as he claimed she used daddy’s money to run Jeff out of his office. He then thanks both Eric and Hogan saying “it is a pleasure of working with Eric and the immortal one Hulk Hogan”. Now everybody has to be play with the new rules, and all of a sudden Fortune comes out to the music.

Ric Flair then claims that this company is run by Fortune and not by anyone else. Ric said either you walk away or I walk away to Hogan, as both take their coats off, and all of a sudden both hug each other as Fortune join with ‘THEY’.

Eric then quotes after 25 years Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan together for the same reason. As Hogan claimed we needed Ric Flair to make this plan happen.

Eric then introduces Jeff Hardy to the team as the fans continued to boo him during his entrance. The fans chanted “You sold out”; however he said he “didn’t sell out, I sold in”. He continued to blame the fans for all the pain he has gone through and claimed that RVD is an ass kisser. Jeff hardy, claimed that it was because of him that Abyss destroyed him.

Backstage Sting and Nash were watching, while Eric introduces them to join the party. Hogan said they got 2 more empty seats.

Sting and Nash enter the ring. Eric said this is a company, it’s a whole new day and we want you guys in the team. Nash whispered to Sting. Nash then said that he really didn’t care before about everyone, however I got older I got wiser and grey hair is a sign of wisdom. So Nash’s final thought was not to join ‘THEY’ at all.

Sting then got on the mic, and said that when he came to TNA 5 years ago, he didn’t come for this, because he loves TNA. The fans cheered for him. Sting pointed fingers to Hogan and Ric and says to them “the answer is NO”, both then walked away from the ring. Eric then says “it’s all about the money; you want to walk away from this? However if you change your minds you know where to find us, while we will be printing off money and taking names. You two will go fat sitting at home”. Both of them walked away from the offer.

Then Backstage, The Pope talks to Sting and Nash asking them what’s going on? The Pope says he is going to fight.

Dixie Carter then encountered both Sting and Nash and asked them not to leave her alone. She said they were speaking encrypted language that she couldn’t understand; otherwise she would have helped them. Nash and Sting just walked away.

Then along came Hogan and Eric, as Dixie questioned them “what are you doing?” and slaps Eric straight on the face, because she doesn’t want to hear anything from him. She then questioned Hogan, why did he do what he did. However Hogan says, come to my office to talk.

All three of them appear in Hogan’s office as Dixie wants an answer from Hogan. So Hogan tells her that what he did was intentionally to put Dixie out of her business. The reason was that she promised Hogan that he would be happy and that he would help to take wrestling to a new level. As Dixie replied “you are just making excuses”. She tells Eric to shut up as Eric smokes his cigar. Dixie said she never will trust them and this will never be your company. Hogan and Dixie really start shouting at each other, and Hogan replied “get this piece of t@as!h of my office right now” to the security guards. Serge gets KO outside Hogan’s office from the security guards, while they took Dixie out.

Kurt Angle enters the ring injured and bruised from the beating that he took from Jeff Hardy.  Kurt Angle just spoke about his retirement from wrestling, but before he had a few things to say. The fans started to say ‘Please don’t go’ louder and louder. Angle said that he worked so hard for 6 months for Bound for Glory. He just wants to know why they did what they did. He spoke about all his injuries that he suffered and is caught in a Dilemma regarding this.

Jeff Jarrett appears with a mic. He tells Kurt that if you didn’t win the TNA championship, that you were not going to wrestle anymore. So you didn’t win therefore you shouldn’t wrestle anymore. Jeff really talks with no respect to Angle. Jarrett spoke about how Angle made his life a living hell when he joined TNA and in return now he will turn the tide.

Angle replies back saying first of all you can have that s@*t, the fans cheered. Angle said that I put TNA back on the map and thought all the rookies everything he knew. He tells Jarrett that how many TNA titles did you win, before I came here? As Kurt claimed that Jeff held everyone down expect Kurt Angle. Is this what it’s all about?

Jeff replied back saying “that’s got nothing to do with it. However everything to do what was mine and part of joining Hogan and Eric”. He quotes that “I wanted to take your career more than your life, and taking away your career was the final nail in the coffin”. Kurt had enough, and tried going up to Jeff, however was taken down by security as Jeff hit cheap shots at Angle. Angle then spits at Jarrett, but Angle was handcuffed so there was nothing he could have done as he was already hurting. Jarrett hits Angle’s head to a steal barrier. Angle then got hit with continues punches from Jeff Jarrett.

Taz from commentary came down to protect Kurt Angle, and tells them to back off as Kurt Angle is already in so much pain and his neck is also hurting.

Footage was shown during the break; Samoa Joe was filmed the day after Bound for Glory saying he made the biggest mistake of his life by trusting Jeff Jarrett. He said Jarrett chose him because he knew Joe would destroy everyone. Now, that same man is looking for Jarrett.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe

Abyss comes out with Janice and Samoa Joe, comes out very upset and angry of what happened with him and Jeff Jarrett. Samoa hits deadly punches to Abyss. Abyss then tries to fight back only to be hit by a huge kick from Samoa. Joe is controlling mostly through the match, but a huge chock slam from Abyss. Abyss then tries to get a steal chair inside the ring, but from nowhere Samoa Joe hits a huge suicide dive between the ropes onto Abyss. Abyss then crawls to pick up the ring bell and hits Samoa on the head. Abyss gets disqualified, but Abyss still continues to hurt Samoa more as he is really bleeding badly.

Winner by DQ: Samoa Joe

Then RVD appears to save Samoa Joe and Abyss runs out. Samoa looks at RVD and walks away.

RVD then calls out Jeff Hardy as RVD can’t wait any longer. Jeff had RVD’s respect, trust and full support, but now he has his focus and then Jeff interrupts him, by talking on the big screen. Jeff talks about what he really thought of RVD that he set Abyss on him and then he chewed him up.

Eric then appears, and says that you want to face Jeff Hardy at the TNA PPV Turning Point, “well I will set it” Eric said. However first RVD has to face Mr Anderson and the winner to face Jeff Hardy at Turning Point.

Backstage, Bischoff flirted with Miss Tessmacher and invited her to his place. She basically humped him right there. He said she was too easy and almost cost him everything. She needed to keep her mouth shut and her legs closed. He said her only shot at sticking around was in the Knockouts division.

Mr. Anderson came up and shook Bischoff’s hand. He did so very forcefully. He said Bischoff was a douchebag and told him he was not going to win the war.

Fortune (with Ric Flair and Matt Morgan) vs. D’Angelo Dinero in a handicap match

Pope had some success but took a carbon footprint from Morgan on the floor after taking a shot at Flair.

Pope actually almost scored the win after Styles hit the Pele kick on Kazarian. Beer Money hit the DWI on Pope for the win. They attacked him after the bell.

Winner: Fortune

The Shore made their way through the backstage area.
Robbie E. and Cookie came out to the ring. Is this sh!t over yet? Oh wait, they haven’t even grabbed the mic yet. The crowd chanted “Who are you?” at them. Robbie said ‘Jersey Shore’ was on right now. He said nobody wanted to watch “those fake punks.”

The crowd chanted “Boring.” JWOW came out with TBP. She stepped up to Cookie. “They cannot get face to face because there’s no room,” said Taz. Nice. Cookie slapped JWOW and JWOW beat the crap out of her. TBP got rid of Robbie E. That was it.

Footage of what took place before the break was shown.

Tenay and Taz recapped the events from tonight as they related to Hogan, Flair, and company.

Mr. Anderson was shown stretching backstage. Both Anderson and RVD made their entrances.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

They traded right hands. Step through reverse heel kick by RVD. RVD hit a moonsault off the apron as Impact ended and Reaction began.


TNA Reaction

Anderson took advantage of the match to really slow things down. Comeback by RVD and a split legged moonsault for a two count. Anderson came back and hit the flipping front slam for a two count of his own.

Anderson missed a swanton from the top rope. RVD came back with a five star, but Anderson put his knees up. Bischoff came to the ring and removed referee Brian Hebner from the match. Jeff Hardy came out and attacked both men with a chair.

He put Anderson’s arm in a chair and then hit the Twist of Fate on RVD onto the chair and Anderson’s arm. Hardy posed in the corner after the match to end the show.

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