Bragging Rights Update

Confirmed just now at Bragging Rights :

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via Disqualification but Orton retains his WWE Championship.

Before the match, Barrett tells John Cena that if he doesnt win this match then tonight, he fires him!

Throughout the match, Barrett has to have words with Cena because he doesnt react to help him when called needed, Orton was thrown out of the ring, there was a stare off between Orton and Cena but Cena did nothing, Barrett wasnt happy. Then Barrett got out of the ring and asked him whats he thinking about, why doesnt he do anything. At that moment, Orton attacked from behind and Cena just sidestepped out of the way and watched on as Barrett got beat on by Orton.

Orton forever¬†cautious¬†though about Cena’s whereabouts, he knows Cena isnt happy having to be Barretts bodyguard but he also knows he may attack him just to save his WWE contract.

The ref gets knocked out and out of the ring, Orton is down, Cena is checking on the ref and Barrett calls for him to get up onto the ring, he does but Orton pushes Barrett into Cena who falls into the barricade.

Orton takes control and then Nexus come running out and start to help Barrett attack Orton, They are beating him down but then Cena is in the ring and he’s attacking Nexus. He attacks Otunga and Gabriel and Orton gives an RKO to Slater, Barrett is furious with Cena and asks him what is he doing. Cena says if the ref see’s Nexus in the ring then Barrett would be disqualified. Good thinking by Cena.

The match continues and Orton takes control after Barrett tried to get Orton with his finisher Wasteland, Orton lines up an RKO on Barrett but behind Orton, Cena comes in, grabs Barrett and gives him an Attitude Adjustment.

Barrett is announced the winner via disqualification, Cena and Orton stare at each other, Cena gets the title belt and walks over to Orton who gives him an RKO.

Orton picks up the belt and raises it, he is still the WWE Champion but lost the match via disqualification.

Orton gets down after celebrating and Barrett is approaching him so he drops him with an RKO.


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