TNA Impact: 21/10/10

The show started off showing a recap of the last Impact show.

The show starts off with Mr. Anderson comes out calling Jeff Hardy to the ring. However RVD appears and tells Mr. Anderson to wait in line as he deserves the shot at his title that he really didn’t lose. Jeff hardy suddenly appears on the big screen and tells them how he got the better of both of them and tells them to forgive him for what he has done. Jeff hardy then smiles at the camera.

Eric then appears and invites RVD and Mr. Anderson to Reaction, to show them how they took over the show. Then Eric askes for forgiveness to Mr. Anderson to show how fair he really is, by putting his match against Karazian in an X- Division match. He doesn’t have to beat Kazarian to get the title shot at Turning Point but just to survive.  Eric then tells RVD that he will team with Sabu to face Beer Money.

RVD appears fuming has he enters the locker room asking his team members who is it, that spoke to Eric? They try to calm him down as he takes down Raven. Then RVD just walks away because he doesn’t want to know.

Amazing Red vs. Robbie E.

Robbie E takes the win as this match started off with Amazing Red hitting some crazy moves, but Robbie E took the win so suddenly and beat a multiple time TNA X-Division champion.

Robbie E then says that he will take that X-Division title just the way he beat Amazing Red tonight.

Winner: Robbie E.

Then earlier in the show, The Pope in a club with a dancer and he tells everyone that he will fight even if he is alone against Fortune. He then tells A J Styles to fight him in a match as The Pope is really not happy of what happened last week.

Then they show Mick Foley attend his own booking signing opening and how Brian Kendrick really liked to have been a part of that function.

Then the camera goes backstage showing Fortune just making fun out of RVD and Sabu. Beer Money are over confident that they will take them out. A.J Styles accepts the match against The Pope out in the streets and says he will put the TV Title on the line. Eric then appears saying this is a fair regime and if Fortune interferes in that match, and then A.J Styles will be stripped from the title.

A.J Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA TV Championship.

Pope calmly tapes up his fists as AJ makes his entrance and goes after him in the entranceway. Pope with a back elbow and tries to hit AJ with the title belt, but AJ ducks and takes a few shots at Pope, but then Pope cracks him again, slams him into the steps, and then catapults him into the ringpost. Pope slams AJ’s face into the ring apron and then chokes him out with his wrist tape before firing him back into the ring. AJ uses the high ground to stomp Pope coming into the ring and then kicks him low, but this is a no DQ streetfight apparently, so it’s legal. AJ works Pope over in the corner and snapmares Pope into the middle of the ring where he fishhooks Pope’s mouth. Pope fights out of the hold and gets a clothesline and a back elbow, but AJ goes to the eyes and nails Pope. Pope responds with a quick series of punches and AJ goes down and Pope covers for 2. Pope goes to pick AJ up but AJ recovers and shoves Pope out through the ropes and to the floor. AJ waits for Pope to get to his feet and then slingshots over the top rope, but Pope moves out of the way and takes AJ out with a clothesline. Pope sends AJ back in the ring and AJ starts to beg off into the corner, but as Pope slowly advances on AJ, Abyss comes out of the crowd to attack Pope and beats him down. See, because Abyss isn’t a member of Fortune. Pope slowly tries to pull himself to his feet, and Abyss just lays him out with the Black Hole Slam. AJ slaps him on the ass and tells him to leave the ring and then covers Pope and Earl Hebner slowly and reluctantly counts 3.

Winner: AJ Styles

Backstage, Pope is making his way backstage and bumps into Samoa Joe and asks if he likes what he saw out there. Joe says he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and Pope says he can join the team or fight alone.

We head to Bischoff’s office where he’s just getting off the phone with Hulk Hogan, and he tells Flair that Hogan said he’s not just the Dirtiest Player In The Game, but also the Smartest Player In The Game.

It’s time to look at Team 3D, who decided to retire because there’s nothing left to accomplish. Bubba tells a story about Alexander The Great looking out his front door one day and crying because he realized he’s conquered everything there is to conquer. After they wrestle the Motor City Machine Guns, they’re done, that’s going to be their last match because they have other things they want to do outside the business. But still, they are going to see one last, great match with the Machine Guns.

Speaking of the MCMGs, we go to them playing basketball outside with Velvet Sky and a camera crew asks them what they think about Team 3D when Generation Me crashes the party. Generation Me accuses them of hiding behind a girl, so the Guns beat them up.

We look back at a video package from last week on Reaction as Jeff Jarrett talks about how Kurt Angle has messed with his life outside the ring, even after Jarrett was the one who brought him to TNA. From there we go to a great promo with a bloody Samoa Joe talking about no matter what Jarrett does to him, he’s still kicking, punching, and kneeing and killing people who get in his way. We wrap the segment up with Jeff Jarrett backstage heading to the ring, saying that he’s regretted what happened last week for seven days now, and it got way out of hand and he’s got no other option than to go out there and apologize to Kurt.

Jeff Jarrett is on his way to the ring, and as he walks we take a look back at last week when Jarrett went to town on Kurt Angle to the point where Taz had to leave the broadcast booth and step in. Crowd with a big “you sold out” chant, but Jarrett waves them off and says he’s come out to publicly apologize for what he did to Kurt last week. He wants to apologize for humiliating him in front of the whole world, and says that if Angle was standing here right in front of him, he’d tell him how much he deeply regrets, not kicking the crap out of him more than he did, because the King Of The Mountain is back on top again and Kurt is gone from TNA forever. Just like many more before in TNA and many more to come, he made Angle and he broke him. The ironic thing is that he’s the one who gave Kurt a job when nobody else wanted him, and he stripped Angle of everything: his dignity, his pride, his honour and his precious career. And let’s not forget, Kurt…oh wait, Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe comes out and he does not look happy. He powerwalks down to the ring and Overzealous Security grab Joe and handcuff him as Jarrett comes out for some free shots on Joe like he did to Kurt like last week, but Joe reverses it and chokes Jarrett with the cuffs. Security intervenes again and beat up Joe, and Jarrett takes a few more shots and throws Joe over the back of the stage, which presumably leads to a long drop. Mike Tenay stands up and starts yelling at Jarrett about what’s gotten into him. Tenay said that for eight years, he’s been telling everyone that they need to be a team to survive, and now he’s turned his back on all of them. Taz just looks solemnly at the ground as Jarrett seems to briefly regret what he did, but then he walks over to the railing and looks down at Joe, and it is indeed a long drop. Jarrett looks up, smiles, and says it looks like Joe does need some help.

Beer Money vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

RVD and James Storm start and Storm comes off the ropes, RVD tries a hiptoss but Storm blocks and tries one of his own and RVD blocks and kicks him in the face, then catches him with a monkey flip out of the corner. Sabu and RVD hit Poetry In Motion and RVD spinkicks Storm and Sabu covers for 2. Storm goes to the eyes and tags in Robert Roode, but Sabu with a series of rights, a clothesline, and a clothesline and then whips Roode to the corner and catches him coming off the ropes with another clothesline. Roode reverses a whip and clotheslines Sabu, and Roode starts putting the boots to him. Roode rams Sabu into the corner and tags Storm in, and Storm lays in a few shots and then tags back out to Roode, who delivers an inverted atomic drop and a vertical suplex, followed by a kneedrop for 2. Storm tags back in again and he continues working Sabu over in the corner, but Sabu comes out of nowhere with a springboard tornado DDT and makes the hot tag to RVD. RVD comes in and gets a straight kick to Roode’s jaw, suplexes Sabu onto Roode, then hits a standing moonsault for 2. RVD slams Roode and they hit Rolling Thunder for 2. All four men are in the ring and Sabu goes out to the floor with Storm as Roode hits a spinebuster on Van Dam for 2. Roode and Storm go for the DWI but RVD escapes, and Storm tries to spit beer at RVD but RVD moves out of the way and Storm spews in Roode’s face, allowing RVD to roll Roode up for 2. Sabu comes in with a chair and tries to throw it at Roode, but Roode ducks out of the way and the chair cracks RVD in the face, and Storm dumps him while Roode covers RVD for the win.

Winners: Beer Money

We head backstage to Ken Anderson, who points to his injured shoulder that he got from his buddy Jeff, and in order to get a shot at Jeff, he has to get through this next match tonight with the injured shoulder. Anderson says there are only three things that are true in this life: death, taxes, and the face that he is going to whup the **** out of Jeff Hardy.

Ken Anderson is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!…right into a trap, as Fortune jumps him 6-on-1 and carries him out to the top of the entrance ramp where they continue to stomp Anderson into a messy pulp. They start to leave, then AJ comes back and kicks him in the ribs again for good measure.

Ultimate X: Ken Anderson vs Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian walks out for his entrance and pretends to be surprised to find Anderson in this contition. He tells the referee to ring the bell and slowly, casually takes his time climbing up to the cables and makes his way out to the center and goes for the X, but Anderson recovers in time to make it into the ring and yanks him down. Anderson fights him with one arm, clotheslining Kazarian and dropping a series of elbows with the good arm. He heads out to the floor and looks for something under the ring, but Kazarian nails him with a baseball slide.

Anderson again grabs Kazarian’s ankle as he tries to climb the corner, but Kazarian kicks him off. Anderson tumbles to the apron, but makes it back in as Kazarian climbs out to the center and Anderson swings him back and forth until Kazarian loses his grip and takes a HUGE back bump. Anderson climbs up the corner and tries to make his way out to the center, but can’t hold on because of the injured arm, and Kazarian capitalizes by kicking Anderson in the arm and giving him a hammerlock slam. Kazarian with a slingshot legdrop over the top and tries to pick Anderson up, but Anderson with a chinbreaker and more right hands before Kazarian goes to the eyes. Kazarian slingshots Anderson’s throat off the top rope, then springboards off the top rope and onto the cable. He kicks off an Anderson attempt to pull him down, but Anderson gets him on the second try and hits the Mic Check. Anderson rolls out to the floor and pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring. Anderson sets up the ladder and climbs up, but Fortune comes pouring out of the back and Morgan hits a big sitout powerbomb on Anderson as Douglas Williams kicks the ladder out to the floor. Morgan picks Kazarian up on his shoulders and walks out to the middle of the ring where Kazarian removes the X and gets the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Anderson crawls back under the ring as Fortune celebrates in the ring and comes out with a pipe in his hand. He rolls back in and nails Morgan and Williams with it as the rest of Fortune bails out to the floor, but as Anderson is facing Fortune and holding them off with the chair, Jeff Hardy runs out of the back and cracks Anderson in the back with a chair, coldly staring at Anderson with an emotionless look on his face as blood starts to pour out of the back of Anderson’s head. Hardy puts Anderson’s arm in the ladder and then slams the chair on the ladder, sandwiching the arm. The crowd boos Hardy, and he responds by going out to the floor and ripping up their signs.

 We go to the back again with Flair and Bischoff and they head out to the garage and get into a stretch limo to head off to the club. The limo starts to leave, but suddenly comes to a jarring stop as Kurt Angle, wearing a shoulder sling of his own and with a pipe in his hand, is blocking the limo. He chases off the driver and smashes in the rear window before security runs him off. Flair and Bischoff get out of the limo and Flair tells Bischoff to have Angle arrested, and the show ends.

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