Monday Night Raw 25/10/10

Monday Night Raw 25/10/10 Results :

The show starts off with Wade Barrett leading out Nexus to the ring, John Cena follows behind with his Tag Team Championship he won with David Otunga.

Barrett introduces the Nexus as the most dominate group of the WWE, he introduces every member by name including Cena who does the ”You Cant See Me” hand gesture in Barrett’s face.

Barrett explains that they had there reasons as to why they helped Kane last night at Bragging Rights to defeat the Undertaker but he does not say what they were.

Barrett then says how he faced Randy Orton and won but wants Cena to explain what happened, Cena says how Barrett was about to get a beat down from Orton so he intervened to result in Barrett winning.

Cena tells Barrett that his orders was to help him win the match, that he did, Barrett says he’s lucky to still be here and not be fired.

The General Manager of Raw raises an email, and says ”Since Wade Barrett technically won the match last night, he is entitled to a future rematch. However this time to maintain order, there must be a special guest ref. The ref will be chosen by the winner of tonight’s main event. Randy Orton Vs. any member of Nexus.”.

Barrett looks around at Nexus at says he knows exactly who will face Orton tonight and that will be John Cena.

David Otunga gets on the mic and says how Cena deserves to be fired because he disrespected him last night in the manner that they won. Barrett agrees that Otunga is right about something and that is that Otunga and Cena can not work together so therefore they can not be Tag Team Champions and he issues a Title match between the Champions and Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

A ref comes out and the match is official, Just as the bell rings, Barrett speaks again and says how Nexus do not fight each other so someone needs to make a sacrifice and lay down and that person will be David Otunga.

Everyone was thinking it would be Cena including Cena who was arguing with Barrett and telling him he wont lay down, Otunga is shocked and argues with Barrett. He doesnt want to do this but Barrett orders him to lay down and be pinned, Otunga does lay down but he takes his time about it, Slater pins him for the victory.

Gabriel and Slater celebrate becoming Champions.

Slater and Gabriel are announced the new WWE Tag Team Champions.


Vickie Guerrero comes out with her NXT rookie Kaitlyn and she announces that her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, was cheated out of a win last night by Daniel Bryan and bad decisions made by the Ref.

Dolph makes his way out to ring followed by Daniel Bryan who are having a rematch of there Bragging Rights match, the United States Champion versus the Intercontinental Champion.

Just as the bell rings, CM Punk‘s music plays and out he comes and he joins Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole at the announcer table and co hosts the match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler after locking on the LeBell lock and making Dolph tap out, Vickie tried to help Dolph though by pulling his leg underneath the bottom rope but the ref did not see and by that time Dolph was tapping out.

Bit of a staring contest between Bryan and Punk after the win, Ziggler looked to surprise Bryan from behind but Bryan noticed he had got back into the ring and so Dolph rolled back out again and exited up the ramp.


Backstage, Sheamus challenges Santino Marella to a match after he called him a disgrace and a embarrassment, he is giving him a chance to show he has some back bone to face him.

Santino accepts the challenge.


John Cena is arguing with Wade Barrett in the locker room now about what happened earlier, how he just handed over a WWE title without a fight, Cena says this is not who he is.

Cena tells Barrett that he’s had him running about getting him cups of water and doing all sorts of jobs and he’s decided enough is enough, he cant take it anymore, Cena then rips off his Nexus armband.

Barrett says to Cena, before he does anything stupid, he may have a solution that will benefit both of them. Barrett says that if he beats Orton tonight then he will make him an offer that he cant refuse.


Miz and Alex Riley are heading to the ring next, apparently he is furious with Team Raw after what happened at Bragging Rights and he is going to vent his anger to all of them.


Here he comes, looking pretty upset. The Miz and Alex Riley are out to the ring now.

He tells the crowd how they can only dream about the kind of success that the Miz has had in his career, he says he is not a miracle worker no matter how superior he is.

He then goes on to say how tomorrow, SmackDown vs Raw 2011 is released and how he is on the cover, they show a picture of it with himself, John Cena and Big Show on it, the Miz says it should look like this though, we then see 3 different pictures of himself on the cover.

He goes onto say how he blames his team, he blames SmackDown, he blames Rey Mysterio and challenges him to come on over if he wants to start something, but he says how he is the only Awesome one.

Just then, Raw Diva, Eva comes out. She has a proper go at the Miz about his attitude and the way he treats people calling him all sorts of names, Miz just laughs it off though.

Eve goes onto call Miz nothing close to being Awesome and also that he’s ugly, he again just laughs it off with a smirk on his face, she isnt getting to him.

Alex Riley gets on the mic and says that Eve is a joke coming out here all dolled up, he says how the other Raw members aint out here tonight because they are on the verge of the unemployment line.

Just then, R-Truth comes out and sings his new theme tune making his way to the ring.

He says how he has no problem at all having a piece of the Miz, he says how what Eve said is the truth and we all know that the truth hurts and how he’d even show him if he wants.

Just then, The Raw General Manager raises and email, it says ”Ding Ding Ding”, they both strip off and the bell rings.

The Miz defeated R-Truth after hitting him with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Alex Riley got involved hitting R-Truth from behind when the ref wasnt looking, learning from the best says Michael Cole, this resulted in Eve coming over and slapping him, he followed her but Truth jumped out the ring and kicked him knocking him down but as he went back into the ring to get Miz with a move, he messed it up and Miz countered with his finisher.


The Guest Host is announced out, Toby Keith the American Country Musician, he walks out with the Bella Twins, one on either arm.

He gets on the mic and cuts a promo about the state they are in, he then introduces the next match followed by introducing out Sheamus and Santino Marella.

Santino comes out but he is looking very very nervous, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler says that perhaps he was a bit quick to accept Sheamus offer of a match tonight, Santino is taking his time outside the ring.

Toby says something to Santino and all of a sudden he is all geared up and jumps into the ring.

Bell rings and Sheamus wastes no time in going to work on Santino.

Santino Marella defeated Sheamus.

About 5 minutes into the match, John Morrison comes running out trying to stop the match, saying that Santino is finished after the first beating. Sheamus goes for his big kick just as Santino gets up but as Sheamus kicks, Santino falls down, Sheamus is not happy that he isnt getting some sort of fight out of Santino.

Morrison is still trying to stop the match, Sheamus goes for another kick but again Santino falls over but this time against the ropes, Sheamus though falls back onto the mat from the corner post, Santino falls off the ropes and onto Sheamus and pins him for the victory. Santino rolls out of the ring and Morrison quickly rushes him up the ramp away from Sheamus who is furious with what just happened.


Backstage in the Nexus locker room, Barrett is telling Slater and Gabriel that they deserve the titles.

Otunga walks in and wants a word with Barrett, in private. Gabriel and Slater leave.

Otunga wants to know why he made him give up his title and lay down in front of all them people like that, He thinks its because he lost the title chance against Orton and so he felt he couldnt have his, Otunga says he might feel the need to tell the world why Nexus really attacked the Undertaker.

Barrett calls in someone, its Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris in Nexus t-shirts.

Barrett says how regardless of what happened last week, he decided to officially induct them both, he says it now gives us 2 things. It makes Nexus stronger and that they are now in a position to end anybody’s career.

Barrett then says how although he understands Otunga’s frustrations, he knows the deal and that he’s either Nexus or Against us, which is it? Otunga looks at McGillicutty and then Harris and says he’s Nexus and then leaves.


Its Main Event time now, and out comes John Cena all hyped up but he’s followed by Wade Barrett.

Randy Orton is out now and the fans love him, this should be a good match.

John Cena defeated Randy Orton via Disqualification.

Barrett gets his first bit of involvement in the match after he tried to sneak up on Orton, quickly turning round and seeing him, Orton hit him round the head while Cena rolled back into the ring to recover briefly.

A bit of a interaction between Barrett and Cena after Orton had been thrown out of the ring, the ref seeing to Cena, mean while Barrett approached Orton who was down but Cena was quickly out of the ring and pushed Barrett out of the way. Barrett is furious and shouting at Cena, he tells him not in his match. Orton gets up and takes advantage of this distraction to attack Cena.

Another arguement between Cena and Barrett as Cena locked on the STF and Orton was getting closer an closer to the ropes only for Barrett to start pulling the rope away from him, Cena lets go of the STF and jumps out of the ring shouting at Barrett telling him to leave the match to him and not to get involved.

Barrett wants this match over with, he wants to choose his guest referee for his match with Orton.

Cena is able to pull of an Attitude Adjustment but Orton followed that up with an RKO, Orton gets Cena back into the ring for the cover but instead lines up a punt.

Barrett pulls Cena out and clotheslines him resulting in Cena winning via disqualification.

Orton attacks Barrett but soon after Nexus are out and attacking Orton, Cena is up though and attacking Nexus, Barrett gets on a mic and orders him to stop and that Nexus get out of the ring.

Barrett tells Cena that he has decided who the guest referee will be, Barrett says its John Cena.

He continues by saying if he doesnt win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series then he will fire Cena on the spot.

However, when Barrett does win the title, he says John Cena will be relieved of all duties tied to the Nexus, this pleases Cena very much so as he drops to the mat head in hands saying ”Thank You” under his breath, but he quickly turns and looks at Orton knowing it means him losing his title if he wants out of Nexus.

So if Barrett loses to Orton, Cena is fired.

If Barrett defeats Orton, Cena leaves Nexus.

What will he do…

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    • October 27th, 2010


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