TNA Impact: 28/10/10


TNA Impact

The show kicks off with The Pope appearing with a casket then they go back to Hulk Hogan’s office where you have Eric and Ric Flair in the office. Someone from the medical group appears to the office and says please don’t put Ken and Jeff in a match tonight, because he mentions that Ken Anderson has suffered a head concussion so he shouldn’t be wrestling tonight because he could damage himself more. However Eric replies back saying no the match will happen, because at the end of the day he is a wrestler and that’s what he is meant to do. Ric Flair also mentioned about his match with Mick Foley that how badly he suffered and how much blood he lost during the match so where were you then he quotes. He then mentions about the terms and conditions on each wrestler’s contract regarding their health, however Eric replies back saying “he is gone, it’s a new day” and he tells him to get out of his office and do something else.

Then the camera goes back to ringside and The Pope appears in the centre of the ring and the coffin placed to the side. The Pope says he is not scared of the Monster Abyss and he will knock him over and over again. He then says that he will take that Monster and place him inside the casket and send him straight back to hell. Then from the distance the Abyss appears and says “I hate to irrupt this congregation”, and he mentioned that Eric and Hogan have instructed him to wipe out The Pope. He then mentions that when you and I meet you will need a priest to lay you to rest. He then says he will take everyone down one by one. The fans booed Abyss and then all of a sudden Abyss grabs two of TNA fans and takes them backstage as The Pope is worried, runs straight after Abyss.

Then the camera goes backstage into Jeff Jarrett’s locker room and he quotes saying that he will face Joe at the TNA PPV Turning Point and for Kenny he will finish the job, as he will stop him from facing their TNA Champion Jeff Hardy.

The camera then goes back stage and show Ric Flair talking to a girl and then Matt Morgan appears just wanting to have a little chat about Mr. Anderson’s condition that should he really be wrestling with a concussion, because its dangerous. However Ric said he has too, why Ken would be treated special. So Ric then confirms with Matt that whatever Eric or Hogan finalise, Fortune has to support their decision and tells Matt that he is a big part of Fortune and this is a family and then he taps him on the back and Ric goes tries to find that girl again.

Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E. in a Jersey Shore Street Fight

The match starts explosively has Jay Lethal runs towards the ring and attacks Robbie E. Then he punishes Robbie E outside with weapons and damages his lower back. Lethal is controlling most of the match but Robbie E tries to fight back with a quick pin fall, Lethal kicks out. Lethal fights back and hit Robbie E with a Singapore Kane shot followed by several shots to Robbie E with the stick. Cookie tries to stop Jay and sprays Lethal in the eyes, Robbie then takes advantage and delivers a neck breaker and takes the win. So now Robbie E gets the title shot at TNA PPV Turning Point.

Winner: Robbie E.

Then after the break they showed EV2.0 saying you haven’t returned any of our texts, messages, emails, tweets and they call RVD out to the ring. Tommy Dreamer said it was an accident about what happened last week. Tommy Dreamer tells RVD that Eric always tried to destroy us; Raven said “You are paranoid and you are a mess Rob”. RVD gets angry and pushes his face into Ravens. Ric Flair’s music plays and then compares his group how powerful and functional it is compared to EV2.0 which is so dis-functional and have so many problems and talking about who trained who.  Ric Flair then talks about the match between Fortune and EV2.0 at Turning Point. Ric Flair warns RVD and Raven to sort their problems out now, as he sets the match against Fortune members A.J Styles and Karazian later tonight.

The camera goes backstage and Douglas Williams and Fortune are trying to sort out their differences. Douglas Williams then put in the match with A.J. Styles.

The camera goes back stage and they show The Pope trying to find those innocent victims that the Monster took. The Pope hears some screams and runs to help them, however it was a trap by Abyss and both start beating each other up. Abyss then puts The Pope into the coffin and shuts down the door and then constantly hits the casket with Janice and then tips over the casket.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. Ink Inc in a triple threat match.

Generation Me were in the ring. They were wearing tights you would have seen on The Rockers.

Ink Inc. came to the ring. Shannon Moore said, “Matt and Jeff from 1998 called” and they wanted their gear back. Seriously, Matt and Jeff Hardy wouldn’t even wear that. Shannon Moore said they liked to get tattoos and because of that, they represent everyone in the Impact Zone.

The Machine Guns made their entrance.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Ink Inc. and Generation Me in a triple threat match to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships. Fast paced action early on with G-Me controlling Jesse Neal. Shannon Moore tagged in and hit high risk moves on Ink Inc. Chris Sabin hit a suicide dive on Ink Inc.

Moore looked like he was going to floor too, but he hit a moonsault instead for a nearfall. Then all hell broke loose as a spot-fest broke out. G-Me broke up a pinfall that would have resulted in new champions by pulling the referee from the ring. The Guns then hit their finisher to take the victory.

Winner: The Motor City Machine Guns

Team 3D put over the tag team division in TNA as the best in the world. Ray said they were retiring, but they wanted to go out against the best tag team, which today, are the Machine Guns. All Ray was waiting for was an answer.

Alex Shelley said they used to be boys and Team 3D turned them into men. Shelley said they were champions of the people, so he asked the people if they wanted to see it. They cheered and the four men raised their arms in the air.

Backstage, Matt Morgan approached Eric Bischoff and said the issue of Anderson wrestling with a concussion was wrong. Eric said wrestlers were there to work and do what they were told. He had Morgan escorted out. Morgan said Bischoff was being irresponsible.

Morgan went to see Anderson backstage and had to go through the trainer first. He gave the guy his word he just wanted to talk to Anderson.

A produced Jeff Hardy promo aired. Rob Van Dam was shown getting ready backstage.

A.J. Sytles and Douglas Williams vs. RVD and Raven.

A.J. Styles and Douglas Williams defeated Rob Van Dam and Raven. Styles and Williams attacked Raven and the match began before RVD even came out to the ring. RVD came out and scored a nearfall on Williams with a rolling thunder.

The heels exchanged frequent tags as Raven recovered in his corner. Flair came to the ring and knocked out Raven with the TV Championship belt. RVD didn’t see it and realized nobody was there to tag. Williams hit a top rope knee and Styles pinned Van Dam.

Winner: A.J. Styles and Douglas Williams
After the match, RVD was pissed at Raven because he didn’t see what happened during the match with Flair.

Jarrett made his entrance and called out Anderson. Anderson’s music played but Matt Morgan came out instead. Impact officially ended and TNA Reaction started.


TNA Reaction

Morgan said Jarrett was his boy and he wanted to talk sense into Jarrett since nobody would listen to him. Morgan said he was a proud member of the Sports Legacy Institute. He said too many athletes and former athletes are suffering from head trauma related injuries.

Morgan said it was up to them to know when someone has had enough. “Are you freakin’ kidding me Matt? Do you think I give a damn about Anderson and his concussion?” Jarrett said he didn’t care about anybody, including Morgan. Jarrett said there was nothing Morgan could do about the beating Anderson was going to take.

Jarrett ordered Morgan out of the ring. Morgan put the chain on and said he was going to kick Jarrett’s ass right now. Jarrett tried to get out of it and then hit Morgan with a cheap shot.

Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Jarrett in a chain match.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan in a chain match. Morgan wrestled in his suit. He dominated early on, but Jarrett busted him open. Jarrett then hit the Stroke for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Morgan was released from the handcuff connected to the chain. He then started choking Jarrett with the chain, but I’m sure he was willing to let go “when Jarrett had enough.” Fortune hit the ring and beat the crap out of Morgan.

They wrapped the chain around Morgan’s neck and hung him over the top rope. He fell lifelessly to the mat.

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