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Monday Night Raw 25/10/10

Monday Night Raw 25/10/10 Results :

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Bragging Rights Update

Confirmed just now at Bragging Rights :

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler.

This was a very good match between the United States Champion and the Intercontinental Champion, both superstars were back and forth and both deserved to win but Bryan was able to lock on the lebel lock and force Ziggler to tap out, something he said he could make him do.

Bragging Rights Predictions

Here are my Predictions for the P.P.V. Bragging Rights :

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Friday Night SmackDown 22/10/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 22/10/2010 :

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Bragging Rights Update

Confirmed on Monday Night Raw, another match was added to Bragging Rights this Sunday.

Daniel Bryan the United States Champion vs. Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Champion.

Monday Night Raw 18/10/10

Monday Night Raw 18/10/10 Results :

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SuperShow House Show 16/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 16/10/2010 :

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