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SuperShow House Show 23/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 23/10/2010 :

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Bragging Right Update

Confirmed just now at Bragging Rights :

Kane defeated The Undertaker in the Buried Alive Match.

The Undertaker was performing really well early on, he had the match all his way for quite some time, he had Kane in the crowd on more than one occasion but it was Kane who charged towards the grave with Undertaker on his shoulders. They battled for awhile right next to the hole but neither was falling in, Kane tried to drag Undertaker in but it wasnt happening. Undertaker then was able to lock on the Hells Gate an after pushed Kane in. He then focused on Paul Bearer and just as he was about to throw him into the hole, Nexus came out and attacked the Undertaker.

The Undertaker was able to fight them off for awhile but Nexus soon got the better of him and held him for KAne who had by now climbed out of the grave. He picked up the urn and hit Undertaker round the head and he fell into the grave, Nexus then started to shovel in the dirt but Kane made them leave. He then had his flames lights up and the digger dropped dirt into the grave and that was the match.

Bragging Rights Predictions

Here are my Predictions for the P.P.V. Bragging Rights :

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Friday Night SmackDown 22/10/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 22/10/2010 :

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Randy Orton vs. Kane on SmackDown

WWE Champion will take on the World Heavyweight Champion Kane on Friday Night SmackDown.

SuperShow House Show 16/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 16/10/2010 :

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SuperShow House Show 17/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 17/10/2010 :

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