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Shawn Michaels Update

Shawn Michaels answers some questions to his fans, one question most importantly about if he’s the Raw General Manager.

Raw 900th Episode Update

Its been confirmed that Shawn Michaels will not be at tonight’s Raw show to celebrate the 900th episode.

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Shawn Michaels Comments On Daniel Bryan

Former WWE¬†superstar Shawn Michaels¬†has commented on his former student Daniel Bryan’s return to the company at SummerSlam in Team WWE.

So Bryan is back,” Michaels wrote. All I can say is wise move by WWE. You just don’t leave that kind of talent out there. Happy for all parties. By the way, was this whole thing a scam? It got me. At the end of the day, who cares? Things are as they should be. That’s far more important.

Shawn Michaels Speaks Out

Shawn Michaels gave a recent interview to ESPN :

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My Thoughts…

These are my thoughts on a few things that have happened lately in within the WWE :

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Shawn Michaels back on WWE

OK so i may have you all thinking that Shawn Michaels has returned to the WWE but unfortunately its not exactly that.

Michaels was backstage at the Raw showing on 02/08/10 while his family were ringside, Michaels purely wanted to keep out of the spot light but reports claim he enjoyed the show very much.

Shawn Michaels Promo

Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels

A Big Happy Birthday goes out to Shawn Michaels who today turned 45 years old.

We still miss you Shawn!

Many Happy Returns.

Shawn Michaels to Return???

There is a petition out at the moment where fans of Shawn Michaels want him to make a 1 night only return.

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