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Michael Tarver Injured

News just in is that Michael Tarver is dealing with a groin injury which was the reason for the angle played out on Monday Night Raw 04/10/10. Tarver now makes it the third member of The Nexus to have been placed aside be it through injury or kicked out.

Skip Sheffield is currently out with a broken ankle and there is no reported ETA on his return just yet, Darren Young has been sacked shall we say and is currently working his first post-Nexus singles match on tonight’s WWE Superstars, He was involved in the 20 man battle royal on Raw but was eliminated.

Skip Sheffield Update

The word on Skip Sheffield and how bad his injury really is doesnt seem to be good news unfortunately for the Nexus star, he has apparently broken his left ankle and therefore this rules him out of action for quite some time now.

With Darren Young having just been kicked out of the Nexus, this now leaves just 5 members remaining.

Skip Sheffield Update

The update on Skip Sheffield and his injury is that it could possibly be a broken bone in his leg. He suffered this injury during his tag team match Nexus team mate, David Otunga who were up against The Hart Dynasty.

Its not yet confirmed that it is a broken bone but if it is then we can expect Sheffield to be out of action for some time.

Skip Sheffield Injured

Skip Sheffield suffered a leg injury at last night’s WWE Raw house show. Sheffield was in a tag team match teaming up with David Otunga who were up against The Hart Dynasty when he suffered what was either a knee or ankle injury. He was carried to the back by referees and Otunga after the Match.

Raw House Show 18/08/10

Raw House Show Results for 18/08/10 :

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The Nexus

Well what to think about the attack on Darren Young, read on to know more :

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Monday Night Raw 16/08/10

Here are the results for the 16/08/2010 showing of WWE Monday Night Raw :

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Nexus to make NXT return

The Nexus to return to NXT :

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Monday Night Raw 12/07/10

Here are the results for the 12/07/2010 showing of WWE Monday Night Raw :

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