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Bragging Rights Update

Confirmed just now at Bragging Rights :

Ted diBiase defeated Goldust.

Good match between these two, both were on form and pulled off several good moves.

However you knew it had to happen and it did and thats the girls getting involved, Maryse had decided enough was enough and attacked Aksana, she threw her into the ring which distracted Goldust and Ted took advantage and got the win.

Maryse went and got the Million Dollar Belt and entered the ring, only for Aksana to attack her and push her out the ring, Aksana stood up with the belt and noticed Ted looking at her, she played him for a fool and flirted, Ted loving it and convinced went for the kiss only for Aksana to pull away, Goldust now up spun him round and hit his finisher on him.


Bragging Rights Predictions

Here are my Predictions for the P.P.V. Bragging Rights :

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Monday Night Raw 18/10/10

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Monday Night Raw 11/10/10

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Raw House Show 08/10/10

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