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Monday Night Raw 18/10/10

Monday Night Raw 18/10/10 Results :

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SuperShow House Show 16/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 16/10/2010 :

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The Hart Dynasty to Split?

There are rumours getting around that WWE are planning the breakup of the Hart Dynasty. The rumour is that the plan will see David Hart Smith turn on Tyson Kidd, who will keep Natalya as his valet.

Both would apparently get fair single pushes but it’s heard WWE will likely get further behind David Hart Smith than Tyson Kidd, reasons are unknown behind this or if the story is accurate.


Monday Night Raw 04/10/10

Monday Night Raw 04/10/10 Results :

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SuperShow House Show 02/10/20

SuperShow House Show Results prior to Hell in a Cell 02/10/2010 :

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Monday Night Raw 27/09/10

Monday Night Raw 27/09/10 Results :

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SmackDown House Show 26/09/10

SmackDown House Show Results for 26/09/2010 :

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SmackDown House Show 25/09/10

SmackDown House Show Results for 25/09/2010 :

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Friday Night SmackDown 24/09/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 24/09/2010 :

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My Thoughts on Night of Champions

This is where i talk about my thoughts about the recent P.P.V. Night of Champions and the predictions i placed.

I also got 4 predictions out of the 6 matches correct, go me! :

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