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SuperShow House Show 23/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 23/10/2010 :

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Monday Night Raw 18/10/10

Monday Night Raw 18/10/10 Results :

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Monday Night Raw 04/10/10

Monday Night Raw 04/10/10 Results :

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Two new members of Nexus?

It has been confirmed now that the two fans that hit the ring during last night’s John Cena vs.Wade Barrett match at Hell in a Cell were former NXT Season 2 Rookies Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris. Rumours are circulating that they have joined Nexus but nothing confirmed yet so watch this space.

Hell in a Cell Predictions

Here are my Predictions for the P.P.V. Hell in a Cell  :

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Hell in a Cell Final Line Up

Final Line Up for Hell in a Cell has been announced for Sunday 3rd October 2010 :

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Friday Night SmackDown 01/10/10

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 01/10/2010 :

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