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Chris Jericho Confused about the Rock

WWE Star Chris Jericho talks with the Sun :

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Chris Jericho Update

Chris Jericho ”I Will Never Wrestle Anywhere Other than the WWE” :

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Monday Night Raw 27/09/10

Monday Night Raw 27/09/10 Results :

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Chris Jericho’s Autobiography

The cover of Chris Jericho’s upcoming autobiography entitled “Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps” was released on the 24th Sept 2010.

Chris Jericho Update

Chris Jericho has commented on the stipulation he added to the Night of Champions main event that he would “quit” WWE if he didn’t win the title on Twitter. He wrote the following :

Hey Internet…Im a heel. Heels lie, therefore if I say something boastfully and reneg on it, it’s not an official stipulation. Smarten up!

Monday Night Raw 20/09/10

Monday Night Raw 20/09/10 Results :

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Chris Jericho Update

Chris Jericho’s future is still very much up in the air and we have no idea what he will do but alot of reports are pointing towards it being the end of him. His contract is up and he either hasnt signed a new one or reached agreement to, perhaps not even been offered one but who knows.

Jericho said if he didnt win at Night of Champions then this would be the end of Chris Jericho has we know it, will he stick to this statement, watch this space.

Jericho also posted the following on Twitter :

Since I’ve apparently made my last appearance in the WWE, I guess I have nothing to do tomorrow….

The websites have spoken!!! Whatever, I’m goin to Calgary tomorrow so I’ll let yall hash it out…