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Bret Hart Interview

Bret Hart gives an interview to AOL :

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What You Didn’t See On Raw

After Monday Night Raw went off the air, a Fatal-4-Way Match took place for the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship against Bret Hart, Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

Barrett had ordered Cena that he couldnt have any involvement in the match.

Nexus stormed the ring and Orton and Hart cleared them out until it was just Slater, Orton lined an RKO but Hart took over and locked on the SharpShooter instead.

SmackDown House Show 25/09/10

SmackDown House Show Results for 25/09/2010 :

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Monday Night Raw 30/08/10

Monday Night Raw Celebrating its 900th Episode Results 30/08/10 :

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Bret Hart to be on Raw’s 900th Show

It has been confirmed that Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart will be on tonight’s show to celebrate Raw’s 900th episode.

SmackDown House Show Spoiler

SmackDown matches advertised for 25th September 2010 :

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Monday Night Raw 16/08/10

Here are the results for the 16/08/2010 showing of WWE Monday Night Raw :

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