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SuperShow House Show 16/10/2010

SuperShow House Show Results for 16/10/2010 :

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Raw House Show 25/09/10

Raw House Show Results for 25/09/2010 :

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My Thoughts on Night of Champions

This is where i talk about my thoughts about the recent P.P.V. Night of Champions and the predictions i placed.

I also got 4 predictions out of the 6 matches correct, go me! :

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New Tag Team Champions

Drew McIntyre and ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes were named the new Tag Team Champions at Night of Champions after they defeated Evan Bourne and Mark Henry.

This was a Tag Team Elimination Match which resulted in the following eliminations :

The Uso’s defeated The Hart Dynasty.

The Uso’s defeated Santino Marello & Vladimir Kozlov.

Evan Bourne & Mark Henry defeated The Uso’s.

Drew McIntyre & ”Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Evan Bourne & Mark Henry.

SuperShow House Show 18/09/20

SuperShow House Show Results prior to Night of Champions 18/09/2010 :

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Night of Champions Predictions

Here are my Predictions for the P.P.V. Night of Champions which takes place tonight :

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Raw House Show 12/09/10

Raw House Show Results for 12/09/2010 :

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